Surviving Doesn't Mean You Have to Rough It if You Can Prepare Ahead of Time

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    When you think of surviving in the wild, perhaps you think of the bare necessities such as a tent and a fire. There are however different levels of survival outdoors. Large canvas military style tents can make for immaculate movable homes. Whether you are on a week-long outdoors excursion, a month long Safari or set up after a natural disaster these tents can be quite luxurious. With ample amount of room and chimney vent for wood burning stoves and fireplaces inside of them they can be climate controlled as well as give you a place to cook indoors. When you add other luxuries for outdoor survival powered by the solar power, the options start to become endless. From televisions and video game systems to music and lights roughing it outdoors can be very luxurious when you have enough money. The ability to have mosquitoes screening and generators to power a camp and protect areas that you sleep and eat from insects can provide a level of luxury that most do not experience when surviving in the outdoors. Surviving in the outdoors doesn't necessarily have always to be basic sometimes it can be luxurious.

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    there used to be an old saying that went "if you think you are "roughing" it you are doing it wrong", there is a paragraph in the Boy Scouts handbook that talks about someone being "uncomfortable" in camp.
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    Whether something is luxurious or not depends on the beholder. Actually, some people find any shelter protected from the elements as luxurious. It all depends from which premise you are coming from. However, this is a state of mind since as you move up the social ladder, things you previously considered as luxuries suddenly become necessities and the excitement associated with them fades. Being able to relax in relative comfort whatever the situation and having inner peace is to me luxurious. It doesn't have to be merely physical.
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    As long as you actually able to make use of it. You can add almost anything to suit your needs, really. But some of them are not as handy or easier to setup as light a bonfire or a woodchopper axe. The good thing about primitive and low tech is that they can be readily available an easy to replicate compared to a electronic device or machines.
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    Wow, now that's what I call a tent. That's not surviving, that's living. I think it's even better then many camper vans out there. The thing is in a survival situation you might be lucky and have the tent but not that heavy furniture, if on the other hand you are going camping for a some time there is no reason why can't find some space in your trailer to make yourself more comfortable.
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