Surviving Government Tyranny

Discussion in 'Other Not Listed Situations' started by poltiregist, May 21, 2019.

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  1. poltiregist

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    Not only do I have a militia group on one side , on my other side at an undisclosed distance is the headquarters of the KU-KLUX-KLAN . Like the militia they give prepping and survival classes . All in between including me are a lot of preppers . Most I suspect are much more into prepping than most of our members on here . There are actually some people that make sure they have enough fuel in their automobiles that pass through here so they will not have to stop in this county , and that is probably not a bad idea . If SHEEPLE flee to this area , their survivability is not good . There are a lot of well hidden caves , but I can't see this community running and hiding . Looters will find themselves stepping into the sights of well armed defenders .
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  2. Joe Stonecipher

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    If you want to see what's going on - and I don't mean the mainstream media - look at

    The latest columns are saying we may really be facing an honest to goodness Civil War after the 2020 Elections. This empeachment BS of Pres Trump is going to fizzle out in the Senate. Then, Pres. Trump and the Republicans are going to win the House and Senate with a big majority - then you'll see the snowflakes really going crazy.

    Keep you guns clean and your ammo dry.
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  3. Joe Stonecipher

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    Well said. I'm an old geezer, too, and I never thought I'd see my country like this.
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  4. Joe Stonecipher

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    That's right!
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  5. Duncan

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    You mean someone like me who used to be a Republican until they became a nationwide cult for a lying, draft-dodging psychopath?[/quote]

    You mean someone like me who has made a point of not responding to the constant denigration of people like me because I didn't think it was proper to respond the same way to the people who insulted me and my beliefs by calling me a communist?

    When you say "reprisal from their overlords" are you talking about the armchair patriots on this forum who quack about hanging and executing all the liberals and then lie and say the are "constitutionalists"?

    Do you mean the "tyranny" of the majority -- not just in the government but within certain alt-right fora who are unable to engage in any rational discussion with someone who doesn't share their views?

    Yeah, poltiregist, I know all about a member on this forum who doesn't tend to speak up or say what he really thinks. In this case, though, it's not from fear of the "overlords" but because he don't want to sink to those so-called overlords' level.
  6. watcherchris

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    Duncan and others,

    I too do not trust the Republican Party. They have been masquerading as conservatives in this country for too long. Republicans are all too often silent when they should be speaking up and educating their voting base. They default to the left in this manner. By this continued conduct the Republicans have demonstrated to me that they are Democrat Lite. Not conservatives...not the product advertised.

    I definitely do not trust the Democrats as their stock in trade is subsidizing give away programs on the public purse for votes. Economic Bondage to buy votes.

    Also their stock in trade is Hegelian Dialectic....Good Cop/Bad Cop. The deliberate manufacturing of bad guys to politically stroke their faithful.

    I can remember back to when the left used to teach and preach never to trust anyone over thirty. That is because when most reach thirty they are no longer so easily put on the puppet control strings by freebies and emotional victim dictum appeal techniques.

    I can see this in our phony media as well today...including the fabled Fox News. I don't trust them as well.

    Americans have for too long been stuck between two phony political parties both of which are not the product advertised.

    And so too our media....not the product like manner to our two phony political parties.



    Not an Ishmaelite
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