Surviving in a mountain with head hunters

Discussion in 'Survival Stories' started by Corzhens, Jul 3, 2016.

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    In the olden days, there was a province here with a tribe of headhunters. There is a season where the tribesmen would hunt for heads that would serve as their dowry to the woman they betroth. One soldier who was assigned in the nearby mountains told the story of surviving the headhunter tribes. It is an advantage that he had known beforehand about the headhunting season so he was able to prepare.

    The soldier had a gun that he could use to defend himself. But instead of shooting the headhunters upon sighting, what he did was to fire his gun up in the air. The sound of his gun scared away the headhunters. In his more than a month of stay, he was safe and the headhunting tribe was also safe from him.
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    I saw a movie about surviving head hunters called "Enferno." I'm not really sure if that is the name. But that movie is about a group of college kids that go to amazon to stop a forest from being destroyed. Something happens and they end up getting lost in the woods and dealing with natives.
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    Headhunting is a practice that has been carried out by numerous cultures throughout the world in the ancient ages. I remember reading about british snobs that were responsibles of creating a market for shrunken heads supplied for Jivaro tribes from Ecuador and Peru. It was in the 19 th century, where tales of the Jivaro’s shrunken heads reached the ears of European and Americans. This created a demand in the market for shrunken heads, which became objects of morbid curiosity. As a result, head shrinking was motivated not so much by vengeance for slain ancestors in warfare, but by commercial gains. Of course, the practice of head shrinking was eventually banned due to its gruesome nature. Yet, this piece of Jivaro tradition still has its allure in black market, and today, replicas of shrunken heads are still a hot item.
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