Surviving in a War Zone

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    Surviving in a war zone is something that everybody hopes to never have to experience. During times of war, everything that you know about normal life is tossed upside down and changed. The key to surviving in a war like environment is stealth. The enemy could be lurking around every corner. When you combine air strikes and snipers along with ground troops, a war environment is one of the most dangerous of all to survive in. By understanding camouflage and camouflage techniques as well as stealth techniques you have a better chance of survival. Knowing how to move in the shadows and become one with the objects around you will increase the odds of you surviving. Wartime survival is sometimes about blending in when you least expect it. Sometimes looking like the enemy can help you to survive long enough to put the enemy either in front of you or behind you depending on the direction you are wanting them to go. Remember there are multiple tactics and survival. Camouflage, stealth, and the ability to adapt are all key factors that will strengthen your chances of survival during a time of war.
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    I also have to add that moving in a war zone is tantamount to navigating in an area full of lightning and thunderbolts. One can do alot of evasive maneouvres to escape the enemy but the most unpredictable challenge is to escape accidental fire in your path. You should move as low as possible and lie flat whenever bursts of gun and tankfire intensify. Before a bomb or projectile explodes, it gives out a hissing sound and this should prompt a person to clear from the danger zone.
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    To understand how some people survived those circumstances. Is good to read about communities's behaviour during civil wars, like in Spain. You will find everything, from heinous human right crimes to funny anecdotes of people coping
    with their situation. In any case, indeed that's not a desirable scenario and nobody can't what will happen or how it
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    Funny how those are exactly the words my grandma used to describe both wars she went through.

    Whenever they heard the boom of the canons/rifles firing they fell on the ground and prayed nothing hit them. Often people would avoid walking around in general by fear of stray bullets or raiding soldiers. It was an everyday theme that soldiers would barge in houses to search for food, ammo and fugitives, and no few people were beaten to a pulp for resisting compliance. Those who lived in the countrysides would walk with a large farm animal and hide behind it until they made it to shelter. But they still went to the fields to work.

    From what I understand it takes true grit to survive a warzone and also lots of patience, because seeking revenge can also get you killed, or get you to be a target, maybe not immediately but in due time.
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    Stay low hide well and move only when you have too advoid contact.with others asap get out
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    There are millions of people around our globe right this moment who have learned how to navigate and survive in a war zone. You know it has to be traumatizing. I can't even imagine what it must be like to fall asleep to the sounds of bombing and shooting, to wake up to the same sounds and to never know if this day is going to be the last for you or one of your family.

    I once read that we don't really know what peace is. It's more than just the lack of war. A real peace brings a deep feeling of security, and who of us has felt that? Probably not once since we were children.

    But for most of us, the lack of war would be enough.....for a while.
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    Americans especially are not used to dealing with living with war on our own soil on a day to day basis. Other than 9-11 and Pearl Harbor, our country has seen little violence brought upon us by any other country or organization other than that which has originated domestically. We are very fortunate that way, but at the same time, I feel as though it has left us ill-prepared in case this ever does happen. I agree with other posters that feel sorry for people that deal with this daily in other countries. I can't imagine waking up to bombings or worried about foreign soldiers invading daily. It has to be a constant sense of instability. Definitely a time and place where survival skills would be necessary.
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    As per the story of my mother-in-law with her experience during the second world war, the best is to evacuate to a place far away from the war zone. Choose a place where there is vegetation for as I have posted before, vegetation also indicates the presence of animals (that can be used for food). Another thing is the source 0f water. Your home base need not be beside the body of water since it can expose you to the other evacuees. Take note that you don't know those people and hard times never fail to come up with criminals.

    One thing that could add to your safety is to choose a high place for the shelter. By the side of the mountain or a hill would be a great location. But then just be sure that your source of water is accessible.
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