Surviving In Chicago.

Discussion in 'Urban Survival' started by jeager, Jun 30, 2017.

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  1. jeager

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    It's hard.
    It's harder if one is stupid.
    It's even harder if one is black.
    In 2010, African-Americans accounted for 76.2% of murder arrests and Hispanics accounted for 19.3% of murder arrests in Chicago.
    95.5% of murder arrests in Chicago were African-American and Hispanic.

    Racist or reality?

    Hey! I didn't make up the statistics.

    Chicago has (arguably) the strictest anti-gun laws in the country.

    Hey Obama! How's them anti-gun laws workin' out for your home town?
    I'd venture to say few if any of those firearms used in killings were legally purchased.
    Stolen almost for sure.

    Am I racist?
    I was raised the only white boy in da hood.
    My first g-friend was a black girl.
    I don't give a fat rat's azz about race.
    I care about behavior, ethics, values.
  2. texsun54

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    The arrest statistics are not racist if that is who is committing the murders. On the other side of the coin what is the race of those being murdered? Racism is the issue with the violence in Chiraq or the arrest statistics. Restrictive gun laws in Chicago don't work because criminals don't obey the laws, so the only ones that are handicapped by restrictive gun laws are law abiding citizens.
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  3. jeager

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    Most crimes are race specific.
    Seldom, if ever, did I investigate a crime where whites went to da hood to attack blacks
    and the reverse.
    HOWEVER we did get crimes where some dumb well off white chick attending the
    university in our town got stupid and dated a local black not a student.
    I don't recall a crime where a white guy dating a chick of color went off on her.
    He might have gotten the clap or herpes though.
    Just sayin'.
  4. Bishop

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    I survived Chicago I was kicked off a greyhound bus for standing up to a bus driver that was picking on a Amish family bet he will never do that again.
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