Surviving In Floods?

Discussion in 'Urban Survival' started by Toast, Jun 14, 2016.

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    I'm not sure if this is the 100% correct place to post this, but there didn't seem to be a better one. Does anyone have some tips for surviving in floods/hurricane situations? It seems to be a more and more common occurrence these days, and some general knowledge passed around could be good. No one wants to drown in an abandoned building.

    To start off, I think getting to high ground as possible, with everything valuable to you that you can carry is a good start. Of course you need the typical stuff, and it'd be nice if you had anything to prevent drowning/enhance flotation around. I think owning a boat is the dream scenario here. From what I remember, they usually airlift people out a few at a time, so you just have to survive until that happens right? Getting to the roof and waiting could be a viable strategy.
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    High ground is important. If it is flooding that bad moving is not necessarily a good idea unless it is absolutely needed. This is how people die is because they thing it is fine and it turns out it isn't. Find a safe place and wait it out if possible. For hurricanes board up windows, have supplies, maybe a life boat (for flood too or vests). Most emergency websites tell you not to go to the roof, but if you have no where else to go I don't any other option.
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