Surviving suffocation

Discussion in 'Survival Stories' started by remnant, Jul 1, 2016.

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    Have you ever found yourself in oxygen depleted conditions?. This can occur when least expected. I have learnt of stories one in which huge amounts of Hydrogen sulphide were released into the air from swamps or water bodies resulting in loss of life. It could be also a miner who is suddenly enveloped by a thick layer of noxious gases deep in a pit and this is a major cause of death. The list can in on. What would you do in such circumstances?
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  2. BeautifullyBree

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    That is terrifying! Unfortunately I have anxiety which I'm sure would make the situation worse. I would also love to hear how people would survive this. I must learn!
  3. tgthewriter1

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    Run to a higher place. A human can hold their breath for 2 minutes. That's what they say. Anyway, run to a safe place and do not inhale.
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    When I was thirteen years old, I survived a suffocation. During summer mosquito is a grave problem in my place. In order to chase mosquito, we use nets, anti mosquito liquid or coil. Once I lighted a mosquito coin and placed on the window and wenr to sleep. Accidentally, the coin dropped on my pillow and it began to burn my pillow and mattress. I could have died but my father rescued me.
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