Surviving the Aftermath of an Earthquake

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    Surviving an earthquake much like surviving any natural disaster's aftermath is about being prepared and ready. When you have a plan in place and emergency supplies available to you, you are most likely to survive the aftermath of any catastrophe. During the aftermath of an earthquake normal day-to-day life will be interrupted. Fresh drinking water and grocery stores with fresh food will most likely not be accessible. A severe earthquake often knocks out power which causes food to spoil in many places. This is important for you to know and to have a supply of non-perishable food as well as clean drinking water on hand. A first aid kit and things like a generator or solar panels will help to keep your gadgets up and running when there is no power.
    Sometimes just having a radio to listen to can help comfort the situation during the time of a natural disaster. Also, a radio may make the difference in being a life-saving tool letting you know when rescue efforts are in place, and that danger has passed. As always not panicking is one of the most important things that you can do. The best way to avoid panicking is to assure yourself that you know how to handle the situation should it occur. By spending a short amount of time reading up on what to do and practicing a few simulated drills you can better have understanding of how to perform in the event of a natural catastrophe such as an earthquake.
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    As to radios, I prefer a multiband transciever. This allows me to both listen to what is going on and if necessary call for help. Cell phones won't do you any good if the towers are down or all the power is out.
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