Surviving the In-Laws

Discussion in 'Other Not Listed Situations' started by Aneye4theshot, Jan 25, 2016.

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    When it comes to surviving your in-laws, there are a few things that can help you through this potentially life altering situation. For 1, I find marijuana helps me tremendously, but that is only my personal experience lol. On a serious note avoiding direct eye contact and pretending that you have an ear infection and can't hear can help you from having to engage in unwanted conversation. Also, if you tell them that you have a case of eye mites it will explain the excruciating look of pain on your face while you are visiting. Should you be invited to your in-laws house for dinner make sure that you have emergency rations of food and fresh drinking water in the car. It is vitally important because chances are you may find yourself sick by drinking some strange concoction or eating what they call food. By making sure, you have clean drinking water you will not get dehydrated and by having emergency rations in the car you can make sure that you don't get lightheaded or dizzy. The last thing you want to do in a hostile and uncontrollable environment is become nauseous, light-headed and dizzy. They might suggest that you sit down or even lay down and take a nap. Last but not least taking some preventive medications such as Advil, Tylenol, or Aleve for the inevitable headache that you will have will help you to survive any altercation you may have with your in-laws. By altercation of course I mean visit. Having their favorite sweets on hand also, can deter them from being a bit hostile toward you. At least for short periods of time.
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    I have as little as I possibly can to do with the in laws, the fact they all have busy lives helps, also that they live some distance away means that I don't have to see them very often. I play on the excuse that I am a recluse and don't really like other people minimizes the amount of contact even more.
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    I have had experience with the in-laws as well. I found the best way to survive them was to excise them completely at the point of attachment. Life is much simpler now. :eek:)
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    I live with my mother in law, she does not know I smoke weed. I will seriously take a stroll in the woods and come back happier and hungier. She has not caught on thankfully. My husband did and does not mind because he knows that 10 min of private time is what saving this house from a war zone.
    I liked it better when she was scared to talk to me now she is trying to use me to get my husband to do things for her.
    It is killing me. I have two kids one of which I raised alone for the longest time and now she is going in and telling me certain things I have taught her are all wrong. I did what I thought was best and she is not going to change my mind. She does not like that my daughter will lay on the floor with her brother and play, she is so scared she is going to crush him. She loves him and that is bonding time.
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