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    I think that we can all agree that in a major shtf situation, our priority will be getting out of the city & moving into a country or wilderness area. Later, some may be able to move back to the city, but by then, city living will not be the same as it used to be.
    Sustainable is the key word, whatever we do, wherever we go, in order to maintain a comfortable lifestyle we will need to live in a sustainable way. This means using methods that can be maintained over a long period, & having equipment that will last or can easily be repaired or renewed.
    So how sustainable is your equipment? If you have to travel on foot, is all your gear sustainable? If all your gear is not sustainable, then you may be carrying extra weight & that extra weight may be at the expense of more important equipment that you should be carrying. A modern firearm for instance will mean carrying a lot of ammo which will be heavy, & IF that firearm malfunctions, can you repair it?
    There will always be a need for more medical supplies, more food, & more water. Will your choices of equipment compromise your need for more important items?
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    Excellent post as always Keith.
    obviously in a shtf situation-especially a long term one- we wont be able to rely on factory made items as without a manufacturing base any stores of such items will be in short supply, it will be up to us to make anything we might need from anything we might find, either natural or what we find lying around.
    we will be dependant on skills and knowledge.
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    If it is safe or relatively safe as nowhere will be very safe!
    I intend to settle in an industrial area and commence the manufacturing of new products
    Things like hoe's shovels carts wheelbarrows etc etc etc!
    There will be a mountain of resources to salvage, machines to adapt and return to service
    I am a soloutions man not a problems man! if it is working now I can make it work then!
    If I fail it will not be from lack of trying!
    Leaf springs from cars make easy and sturdy hoes! trees grow and make nice handles!
    Heating and hammering is not hard to organize!
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    $o you want to survive long term best way to do this is start now plant fruit and nut trees get your garden going this will take land so find and buy now and start now it is after all called prepping BE Prepared is the scout motto means do it now not when it to late
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