Taro, Tugi, Arrow Root

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    These 3 edible root crops are commonly found in the tropical mountains. Unlike cassava which needs tending and doesn't grow in the wilds, the taro has a wild variety. The tugi is a wild root crop that is usually found forested areas while the arrow root grows anywhere. My best bet is tugi since it can be eaten raw. Just peel and soak in water for an hour so the flesh will be softer. But it is best eaten when broiled. The taro can likewise be broiled. Boiling is the only way for arrow root to be eaten. It becomes sticky and the sweetness gives it a good flavor.
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    If only there was more research on what grows in the wild much of it could have been cultivated but sadly they are still in the wild totally neglected. We have a plant called vitamin plant which grows wild in our garden. The casual workers who come to help us in the garden tell us it is a great plant but I still have to try it out.

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