Telling The Age of Animal By It's Teeth?

Discussion in 'Animal Husbandry' started by John Snort, Jun 1, 2016.

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  1. John Snort

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    While you can't accurately tell the age of the animal in question [I've heard], you can estimate that how old the animal might be and you'd be off by only one or two years. Since you may have to buy or sell goats, cows, sheep, etc you may need to know how old the animal is before buying it especially if your interest is breeding.

    Does anyone here know how to estimate the age of cows or goats by their teeth?
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  2. lonewolf

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    I think you need years of experience for that.
  3. cluckeyo

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    All I know is, you can really tell my dog is old, by looking at her teeth. They are discolored and some are missing. You can tell my mother is old (90) by looking at her teeth. They are discolored and they show a lot of wear. The edges are rounded off and stuff. Oh well, at least she does still have her teeth!
  4. Vinaya

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    I know people who can tell the age of animal by looking at teeth. When I asked, they did not revel the secret but I managed to find one of the ways to tell the age of animal by looking at the teeth. As animals begin to age, they will lose teeth. Normal age of goat is 10-12 years, by the time they are 8, they begin to lose teeth. Normal age of cow is 20 years, when they cross 10, they will begin to lose teeth.
  5. sunnytn

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    A dog at about two years old will have their permanent teeth..the front teeth won't have much wear but will have tartar. At about four, a dog's front teeth will be wore about halfway to the gum. At 7-8, the front teeth of a dog will be to the gum line. After's hard to tell the age of a a dog gets older they will start losing teeth. When a dog is about 7-8, they start graying..all of this is an approximate age.
  6. Corzhens

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    I grew up in a family of horse trainers and jockeys. My father was a multi-awarded horse trainer. From what I remember, they can tell the age of the horse by checking the teeth. It is like humans when the milk teeth are still there, it means the child is less than 6 years old and when the molars are out that means the child is more than 8 years old. However, the age of the horse cannot be determined exactly by its teeth and I guess that also goes with other 4-footed animals. The only indication of the teeth is whether the animal is still young or already matured which means it can already breed.
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