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    Where I live the summer temperature can hit 110-115 Fahrenheit, I'd like to store some of my food in my shed but it can get even hotter inside the shed. My current storage plan is for food to dehydrated and then vacuum sealed, or in case of sugar, slat spices, flour, just vacuum sealed and then kept together in five gallon buckets. Will the heat outside degrade my food stores?
  2. Damorale

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    Certain things might degrade your food stores. It might be more advisable to consider canning some of your goods. I know how hot sheds can get, so I'm not sure I'd recommend storing food in there. They're also relatively easy to break into, or get damaged by storms. Do you have anywhere inside your house that you can store instead, or is the shed your only option?
  3. jonthai

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    Does your shed have windows?If so try closing them and putting curtains in order to prevent all the light from coming in. Also, like Damorale said, canned products can help you preserve them better.If you have the opportunity also, try putting some air conditioner in there to see if it can cool off the shed.
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    its not so much the heat or cold but the variation in temperature that will affect food stores, first hot, then cold, back to hot again.
    the best place to store anything is underground as the temperature there stays constant, failing that something like a root cellar.
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