Tent Vs Oilcloth.

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  1. Keith H.

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    A tent is heavier to carry for one person unless it is a nylon tent. If one person is carrying a tent which is meant to shelter more than one person, then if they become separated only one person has shelter.
    You can not get any warmth from a fire in winter if you are in a tent, nor can you cook without leaving the shelter of your tent. The tent shape is easily spotted anywhere unless it has matching camouflage to the surrounding area.
    A tent will keep out the wind providing it is well staked down & does not blow away. You can not see outside of a tent if you are inside. You need to carry tent poles if you want to set up the tent easily & quickly.

    An oilcloth is light to carry & can be used to keep the rain off on the trail. If each individual carries an oilcloth, then everyone has shelter even if they are separated. Oilcloths can be put together to form a larger shelter for a group of people.
    An oilcloth will not totally keep the wind out, but you can block in the ends of a lean-to with brush, which is what I do in winter. You can also use a fire for more warmth in front of your shelter using reflector rocks, & you can cook on the fire & stoke it through the night without having to leave your bed. You can see outside of the shelter by day or night. It is quicker to exit a lean-to shelter than it is a tent.
    An oilcloth is not as easily recognised in the bush, especially if it is brown in colour. You can use an oilcloth in any configuration you please to form a shelter. You can use your oilcloth to funnel rain water into a kettle. You can use an oilcloth to wrap & protect your pack when crossing a river. You can use an oilcloth as a covering for a coracle for fishing & transport.
    An oilcloth or a plain canvas is easier to make yourself than a tent.

  2. Tom Williams

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    A new modern tent is fire resistan waterproof sets up in mins is lighweightcomes with its own bag that easly fastens onto your pack has windows and is a good choice for alot of uses no bont buy a bright colored one a nice camo tent isnt going to break your bank find a deal or sale
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