Tesla Roof Tile Solar Cells

Discussion in 'Going Off The Grid' started by Correy, May 14, 2017.

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  1. Correy

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    Tesla CEO Elon Musk has announced that the new roof solar cells from project Solar Roof are available for orders.
    Basically they're solar cells that are made to look like roof tiles, in various styles so that it won't throw off your house's aesthetic (clay, stone, glossy, etc).

    It's made of tempered glass, and according to their lap tests, is more resillient to percussion than regular roof tile matterial. As such in one of his tweets Elon Musk said they have an infinite warranty (in terms of staying in one piece). The guarantee for functionality is 30 years.

    The cost of buying and installing these Tesla tiles is at the cost of doing the same with normal roof tiles (I'm assuming they meant that according to US prices).

    Would you try it?
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  2. Koala

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    I'd consider trying it IF they will truly be the same cost as normal roof tiles. It would be a shame if they'd be really high cost.

    I mean, why not? it's literally free electricity. I love that they offer different styles (smooth one looks the best) and not just one. What fits one house often doesn't fit another.

    Also, I'd like to add that these glass tiles are actually double; non-solar and solar.

    I imagine they will produce 100% of the house's electricity needs, ye?
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  3. Correy

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    Yes, they say installing tiles on the whole roof yields enough power to make you autonomous and go off the electric grid. However they advise to check with Google Sunroof on whether your area gets enough sunlight. It's different than installing it in a moldy cloudy sunless climate.

    We go with what we have.
  4. kgord

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    Of course, if they cost no more than regular roof tiles. My roof is less than 10 years old though so I am not in the market for a roof anytime soon. I might consider doing something like that in the future however. I am hoping to sell this house..I would be really happy if I could find one that has solar tiles. The only thing I have right now are skylights which are nice in terms of letting light in..but they are not really designed to be energy efficient.
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