The 15-Minute Shotgun

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    Under the heading of expedient weapons:

    The 15-Minute Shotgun, by S. W. Smith

    Kindle e-book: $2.99.

    Shows how to make a legal single-shot 12-ga. shotgun for less than $10.00 and in less than 15 minutes. That's with all-new materials and only common hand tools. No milling, lathe-work, or welding required.

    Fully illustrated. 27 pages. Includes upgrades and enhancements, plus some very important safety information.

    This is the only kind of legal 12-ga I know of that will fit in a gym bag or pack without showing.

    Very comprehensive. Author needs reviews.
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  2. jeager

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    Thanks for the information.
    Not something I'd want to do however but someone might.

    Kinda like making home made black powder.
    It's not hard, materials are fairly easy to come by, but I like my hands and eyes.
    I bought a LOT of Holy Black years ago when it was around $7 bucks a pound. Goex.
    Swiss is the best black by far and I have enough for the rest of my life in 2 and 3 fg and some
    4 fg for rock lock pan powder.

    Now $24.00 bucks a pound and up. Then add haz-mat shipping. Black is classed as an explosive,
    not a propellant.

    I love shooting Holy Black.
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