The Best Method For Sharpening Straight Edged Blades

Discussion in 'Knives' started by Mekada, Dec 4, 2016.

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  1. Mekada

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    I have seen many videos on YouTube on "how to sharpen a blade" and. There seems to be a hundred methods out there. My question is this is divided into 3 parts...

    Firstly, what is the best angle to sharpen your blade to? I have found that the steeper the angle of the blade was the sharper i could make it however it also dulls faster.

    Secondly, putting the angle aside, is there a correct technique when using a sharpening stone?

    And lastly, inevitably we are going to run out of conventional ways to sharpen our knives, what would you recommend we use and how? original.img.jpg
  2. Scott Chaffin

    Scott Chaffin New Member

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    I've used the penny method.. being, on your stone you place a penny at the edge of stone. Place your blade on top of penny. That should give you the degree of angle to sharpen.. it's been said that 20°- 22° is the best. But I'm not Bill Nye by no means. So my grand father used this penny method and I have and it works.
    Also I have used the car window method. But, I will say that if you use this one, make sure your knife is truly dull. If you try this with already sharp blade it will dull it.
    Hope this helps.. and remember a sharp knife is no longer a knife, but a useful tool..
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  3. lonewolf

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    I use a carborundum stone, have done so for years, I use the round or oval type. break it in 2 or 3 pieces with a tap from a hammer and you have several pieces which will go in your BOB or GHB.
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  4. Tom Williams

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    I use a lanskey kit it clamps to spine of blade then rod holds stone at angle you want i find a 30° angle best for my fixed blade a20° angle for my pocket knife a15° angle for my fish cleaning knife are best. This kit puts a great edge on allso can do hachets axes with 40-45angles
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  5. jeager

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    I cheat. I use an electric knife sharpener with the correct angle built in.
    I dress up the blade with a sharpening steel.
    I do have stones in different grits.
    I also use a small belt sander with 600 grit paper.
    I make the paper belts from 600 grit wet/dry paper.

    Not this one but like it. Shopping - Power Tools&utm_term=1100005069319&utm_content=Sanders

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    Being old and retired has some advantages.
    Money isn't one of them.:(

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