The best thing to do is be prepared for emergencies even when things are going smooth.

Discussion in 'The Hangout' started by tb65, Jun 8, 2016.

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  1. tb65

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    Some people may not believe in end time prophecies but I do. With all these natural disasters and strange things happening now days I think it's better to be safe than sorry. A couple of years ago we had a earthquake on the east coast which scared the *** out of everybody, then there were hurricanes and all kinds of strange weather where I live. I think that natural disasters are one of the signs of the times. So I always stay prepared for emergencies, and I think that should be mandatory for any one these days. Making sure you keep an emergency supply of water and non perishable foods would make since, because waiting until something happens or until you get a warning could be a hassle.
  2. remnant

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    Preparing for adversity is something that has a foundation in the Bible complete with exhortations from the book of Proverbs. The whole rationale of existence is to lay the groundwork for tomorrow. The present is the child of yesterday. This is the principle behind insurance, farming, weapon acquisition and ultimately salvation in preparation for the afterlife. The latter occupies #1 amongst my priorities.
  3. Valerie

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    "Even when things are going smooth." Oh, but things aren't going smooth at all! What with the natural disasters and terrible Presidential candidates and civil wars and rising tides and a banana-destroying disease running amuck in Africa... As you said, OP, these are the signs of the times.

    In light of all this, people should definitely consider the "what-ifs." You never know what could happen and when. Yet, having some idea in your mind about how to handle a situation or be semi-prepared for disaster is a good start to overcoming misfortune.
  4. OursIsTheFury

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    I completely agree. No one expects a disaster like an earthquake or a fire. It just happens. Sure, weather reports can detect and warn the population for an incoming storm, and that's the only time when people would go to the stores and panic buy everything in the stalls. But on a regular day, they wouldn't even bother refilling their water stations unless it is nearly empty, and when the time comes that they DO need emergency items and aid, they would be caught completely unprepared, and they would learn the lesson the hard way, and that's assuming too that they would be able to survive the calamity with barely anything in their homes that could provide them an advantage in survival.
  5. lonewolf

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    but yet 99% of the population walk around with their fingers in their ears not listening, they believe "it'll never happen" and if it does "the government will save us".
  6. Moroccanbeauty2266

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    Some countries do not have any type of governmental assistance but then those populations are used to having to rely on themselves in a way which might be good because it helps them in terms of preparing themselves for the worst. One needs to be prepared no matter where you live in this world. The signs of the end times are definitely there. There are so many catastrophes going on, natural catastrophes and so many wars in different places, so much hate among a lot of people, so many mass killings, people get killed without knowing why. It is really scary and hard to live in our times. I think it will only get worse and become harder...we need to become more aware of what is going on around us and not ignore it because eventually it will catch up on us somehow some way....
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  7. djordjem87

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    Luckily for us things only appear to go smoothly and we will have to lean on our skills very soon. I am quite happy with what I know and what I am capable of. This means exactly how it sounds. My mindset is quite rational when it comes to surviving and I honestly believe that if not we, our children or their children will have to fight and kill to survive. Maybe I am wrong but I really doubt it. As for the emergencies, I think people change somehow when it comes to one. It is the adrenaline or some other thing in our bodies.
  8. wizzywiz

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    Yea! I support this idea. The best time to prepare for any emergency is now.
  9. Nela Civobeg

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    I'm not big on believing in prophecies and end of time, but it would be smart if schooling system taught children some basics about survival and how to handle certain situations. Back in the time some primary schools had classes about everyday life, cooking, sewing, working with tools and such. I believe similar subjects should be implemented in to the schooling system.
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