The California, Texas And Ohio Shootings…

Discussion in 'The Hangout' started by TexDanm, Aug 6, 2019.

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    The California, Texas and Ohio shootings…

    It is becoming apparent to anyone with more than three functioning brain cells that we have a problem. Everyone is talking and all the politicians are trying to make it a vote gathering thing. What bothers me is that NOBODY is talking about the real problem.

    Over this last weekend as bad as the Texas and Ohio shootings were there were nonetheless MORE people shot in Chicago than in both shootings. To most normally intelligent persons this would indicate that stringent gun control laws don’t help at ALL. The shooting the week before in California is another example of this in that the shooter used a gun that is not legal in California. Blaming guns for the problem is like blaming a cough as the killer when someone has pneumonia. The cough is a symptom NOT the cause of the illness.

    If Biden the dumb-butt managed to get elected and DID manage to gather in every assault weapon in the US it wouldn’t matter. Then someone will kill a bunch of folks with a pump shotgun and he will blame it on those and so on until ALL guns are gone. And then people will kill with knives and machetes or axes. They are passing laws in Britain now making it illegal to buy knives through the mail. Eventually they will probably make all knives have to have dull rounded tips and ban scissors except kiddie ones.

    The what are they going to do when more people start using cars and trucks to kill people in mass? I’m beginning to think that these idiots are NEVER going to recognize and address the problem. Nobody is even discussing the real issue here.

    The problem is not the weapon or tool that is being chosen. The problem is what is making people chose to do this at ALL. It is the person that is doing it not the evil gun that is forcing them.

    In the US over 45,000 people commit suicide every year. Nobody really gives a rats ass about them. Young, old, rich and poor, male and female, people are killing themselves. Is it really surprising that a small percentage of these people may decide to take some people with them?

    When a person is depressed to the point of suicide they have generally been suffering for a long time. You have kids that were bullied and abused all of their life and nobody basically paid any attention to them. We had a kid here several yes ago. He got beat up at school over and over. When he tried to get help they went to the bully and scolded him. That got the kid beat even more. Finally, one day he brought a gun to school and when the bully started to beat him he shot him. Unfortunately, the bully only lost a lung and survived. They tried the kid for attempted murder. He was found not guilty but he and his family had to leave town.

    WHY would nobody do anything??? One of my friend’s sons was hospitalized twice from beatings he received at school. The principal told him that boys will be boys and they was just horse playing. NOTHING was done to them.

    Let me tell you, when you are suicidality depressed and have been treated like this it takes very little to slide over the line and become a monster that wants some pay back before they die. Sometimes they just want the attention. Whatever the case in nearly all of these cases you can find roots in their past that should have been seen and addressed.

    When a kid is suffering, they don’t hide it well. People instead of offering them help tend instead to avoid them and just let them fade into the background. It is getting worse. I read a study yesterday that said that 25% of 18 to 25-year-old people said that they have no friends. 32% are lonely. When you never leave your house and only deal with people online real friends are few and far in between.

    Look at all the homeless people. They are mostly there because of mental problems. In the past people with serious problems were placed in mental institutions. Now they are just dumped on the streets. If a society treats people in a cruel and uncaring manner, there are going to be some that are going to become monsters.

    If you are not pretty well off financially or have good insurance there is no help for you. People think that there is help but it is a joke. It works like the health clinics that are for the poor. You call them with a toddler that is running a high fever and they will give you an appointment for next week. THAT is why you see so many other these poor people in the emergency rooms If you are suicidal and need someone to talk to and some help they don’t even offer you an appointment with any one any time soon and when they do you probably won’t be able to afford the pills.

    Once a person reaches a certain level, they become incapable of taking care of themselves. Even if you give them the drugs they may or may not take them. In a worse case they may put them into some sort of rehab and get them leveled out…Then they throw them back out on the streets or back into the same situation that they were in to start with.

    Most of these people feel like they are invisible and unseen. They are not a part of the society that they live in. they are suffering, and nobody cares!! When they see the almost world wide attention that the media gives to the monsters that kill a bunch of people it becomes attractive to them. Guns make it easy, but the fact is that once they reach this point they will find a way.

    We need to start trying to stop these people while they are still reachable. If a kid in school is being bullied it needs to be dealt with. If the bully can’t be stopped they need to be incarcerated and corrected. Some kids just have a hard time fitting in and kids that are not watched become nasty little animals and will abuse anyone that is different. If the kid is unable to fen for themselves the adults need to step in. WHY is the kid being picked on and what is the matter with the kids that won’t leave them alone?

    When adults have problems there needs to be some sort of realistic place that they can get some help. If we keep ignoring it the shootings and killings ae going to just become more and more common. The violent video games that kids play these days are training grounds for this. There are a lot of things that need to be looked at. We are going to have to stop ignoring the problem and blaming it on THINGS. The problem is in the people.
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    The death of Bobby Kennedy's Granddaughter shows clearly that money and family can't stop a person that is suffering. Some though CAN be helped. If a person with all that she had going for her can go down that dark path, how much easier is it for someone from a poor or lower-middle-class family? Without help, they are lost and SOME are not going to go alone.
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    Good post, & you are right of course. I have been saying this for years. We are a little better off here in Australia re health care, but there are still gaps. We too have a homeless problem, we have an enormous problem with drug use! Then there are the unemployed, depressed people & angry people. I see our government as our main problem, they are corrupt to the core & do not give a damn about the common people, they cater to the wealthy & corporatism. Having said that, some blame must lay at the feet of the majority of voters, because they too have the power to change things.
    Our government are unfortunately influenced by gun crime in America, or at least they use gun crime in America as an excuse to introduce more gun control laws. Any sensible person can see that the problem does not lie with firearms, but it is easier for the government to make new gun control laws than it is to deal with all the social problems we have. Our government is totally focused on money & power. There is no way it is going to spend money on social problems.
    The other thing our government does is use scare tactics, it uses the threat of terrorism to introduce more laws that take away more of our freedoms. Not only has our government introduced a law stopping us from owning, purchasing & using anything specifically intended for self defence, & that includes a firearm that you may already own for other purposes, but they also seem to be actually encouraging crime. I see this as a part of their scare campaign, to keep people scared & dependent on the government. There have been many cases where the police could have prevented harm being done or more harm being done. The police on the scene were ordered to stand down & wait!!! This happened with the vehicle killings & the terrorist incident in the cafe. In the cafe shootout a police sniper had the terrorist in his sights & asked for clearance to shoot, he was ordered to stand down. The resulted in the killings of people in the cafe.
    The big one, the Port Arthur shootings that resulted in Australia's gun confiscation. There were reports of more than one shooter, the rifle used came from the Tasmanian police department. It had been confiscated earlier. The so called shooter arrested was at the time apparently in another cafe miles from the scene, he did not own any firearms & is what one would term as a simpleton. There never was a coronal enquirie, & the so called shooter has been held in solitary confinement ever since with no contact with anyone outside.

    All this shows just how our government views the general public, is it any wonder that we have people out there that are frustrated, stressed, suffering from depression, angry & suicidal. I know that many people on this forum don't give a rat's arse about climate change, but for many over here it is a major issue. Coupled with our government prioritising mining over farming, this has led to many suicides. Farmers are going out backwards here, they have no water & they can't afford to keep feeding their livestock. School children are going on strike for climate change, protesters are being arrested. Protests against mining & fracking on farm land have been banned! I could go on & site what we land owners have to put up with from local government, but I think I have made my point. Tex is absolutely correct, the gun problem stems from social problems, problems that are not being addressed by our government, & I can see this getting a lot worse as time goes on.
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    Good afternoon TexDanm and Keith,

    The social problems also have a foundation: the political problems.

    It is the political matters generating the social stresses.

    The welfare state absorbs so much wealth there's not much left to administer a government.

    Just glance at the deficits of the public pension payouts.

    As huge - and bloated - as is America's Defense Department's budget, it is SMALLER than the nation's debt-service budget.

    The redeeming good news is "corrections" are pending 8 November 2020.

    Watch means testing for Social Security. Watch rationing for health care. Few understand how "Medicare For All" will save huge amounts of public funds.

    The party's over.
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