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  1. Corzhens

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    We have a saying that the coconut tree is the tree of life because everything in that tree has benefits. But for the topic of food, let us focus on the coconut fruit or whatever you call it. The water is sweet and pure. Don't you know that it is best for cleansing the kidneys? I know that because I had kidney stones twice already. And the meat is delicious especially the young coconut which can provide food from the white meat.

    You can survive on the coconut for a long time provided you have an alternative food because it can cause your stomach to be acidic if you eat only coconut everyday.
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  2. Endure

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    Agreed. The only issue is coconut gathering. A mature coconut palm tree is tall enough to need a large ladder or a belt attached to your waist and along the trunk to climb it, and coconuts take a while to reach the full grown stage.
  3. ReadmeByAmy

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    Yes it is true that coconut tree is considered as the tree of life that had great health benefits too. The fruit of the tree can be use as a survival food but there are also disadvantages like what @Corzhens had said you can have stomach problem if everyday you will drink and eat this kind of food. Maybe if you will be in a place where you have to survive your life and there are coconut trees around this can be a good kind of survival food to consider.
  4. Arkane

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    Yes A survival food but not the survival food!
    Husking is fun to do one but a real pain when you have to do many!
    They are good but limit your intake!
    None around here so it's been a while since I have had any!
  5. evelin

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    I think that the only way for you to eat coconut on an abandoned island (God forbid!) is to actually gather those on the ground... there's little to no possibility for you to actually be able to climb the tree, unless you're Spiderman of course.
  6. Lisa Davis

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    Unfortunately, I love the smell of coconut, but can't stand the taste at all! It is very healthy. In fact, it's being heavily marketing right now to consumers (particularly coconut water and coconut oil). I try it every year or so and still have no acquired a taste for it at all.
  7. joshposh

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    Everything about the coconut tree is essential in a survival situation. It provides hydration, sustenance, and it's timber and leaves provide excellent material for fire making and shelter building. As someone already mentioned that the downside to a tress is that it take a long tome to grow and mature. Other then that, the coconut is fabulous.
  8. Kev Brown

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    Coconut is a great all-rounder. The liquid provides essential electrolytes while coconut meat provides great nutrition whilst also being anti-microbial and antibacterial. Coconuts are also high in fat which is a great source of energy. In tropical environments, coconuts can be used in building, fire making and even clothing. For most people coconuts aren't growing naturally so the best options are to hoard coconut oil and coconut flour.
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