The Day That Michael Moore Told The Truth About Trump

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    Moore has proved time and again that he is all mouth but this article and VIDEO also proves he is an hypocrite. No surprise there.


    Obese liberal propagandist and world-class hypocrite Micheal Moore had come a long way since his early career when his films were much more cutting, informative and challenged the powerful before he became a piggish extension of the Democratic party.

    It’s all been a downward trajectory for Moore ever since Roger And Me and it recently bottomed out when his anti-Trump polemic Fahrenheit 11/9 imploded on arrival at the box office.

    But before he became an ersatz revolutionary and leader of the so-called Resistance, Moore astonishingly delivered a short but epic pre-election address to an Ohio audience in which he disposed of the bullshit that Trump supporters are racists and that they were really just good people looking for a leader who was unlike the others who had destroyed their lives with greed, Wall Street gambling, offshoring and shitty health insurance.

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    politics, what is it they say? oh yes, " dosent matter who you vote for the GOVERNMENT always gets in!":p
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    someone once told me............"you know how you can tell if a politician is lying??? Their lips are moving." Unfortunately it's true in too many cases on both sides of the isle.
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