The Failure Or Success Of The Privately Owned Group B.o.l.

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    In the past I lived in an urban scenario on the edge of a small city. When I became aware of the need to prepare, (My wife awakened me one afternoon after coming home from work.) I felt the need to have a place to bug out to in the event that SHTF. I also felt the need for many other things that I suddenly realized we needed to survive but I want to discuss the B.O.L. here today.

    We were lucky in that we happened across a web site that was created to allow people in the state that we were living in to network and find or set up Mutual Assistance Groups. ( M.A.G) . After spending some time looking at MAGs that had been set up within two hours from our home we began the daunting task of finding one that we felt fit our family's needs.

    In order to achieve this we would need to drive and meet face to face with MAGs that were recruiting members. We found about six MAGs that we felt were possibilities within range of our home. We began this task and after a few months of meeting with MAGs who were either a terrible fit or we didn't feel were valid MAGs we had narrowed it down to two MAGs in different directions to choose from.

    We spent quite a bit of time with the first one and attended a few meetings in a park before we decided that a few of the members were not trustworthy to be around our family for one reason or another and then went in the other direction to begin in joining the MAG we chose. I have to say that no MAG will be a perfect fit and we realized that we would have to make some sacrifices to join one.

    The MAG we chose was on a 5 acre piece of property about an hour from a large metropolis. It was a 2 hour drive to get there. The land was paid off by the owner and we began attending meetings and going through their required steps to be voted into their MAG. After a few meetings we were voted in as we met with their approval. At that point we began bringing out family's supplies to the mag. Food, weapons, ammo. meds etc. The MAg was supposed to be building an underground and each family would have their own section. We were toured around the property and saw a large hole that had been dug to start that project. The MAG owner said that a cold storage needed to be built for our food storage so we bagan working on the weekends to accomplish that task. It took about a month to build and was completed, Then gardens were started and a few other projects. We were members of that MAG for about 3 to 4 years.

    During that period we saw a number of members fall away and new members were voted in. We began to realize that most people who consider themselves preppers will not do the work or responsibilities or incur the cost that is required to be prepared. Some fell out during garden work, some would not store food. Some could not keep their family on track or together in order to stay in the MAG. You would be surprised at how many people will store food for their pets but not themselves or how many like the shooting practice but will not show up to work in the gardens.

    In the end we found some land in the mountains with a small cabin that was way back in the woods and off grid. We felt that could be a backup for the MAG if the need arose. We decided a long time before that if we got the chance we should move away from the city. Eventually we ran across another piece of land within an hour of the cabin on flat ground and moved onto it permanently and set up a homestead. It took us away from the suburban area that we felt was not survivable if SHTF. It also was affordable and with the small profit we made off of the house in suburbia we were able to buy the new place and pay for it with cash.

    We realized that the MAG idea was a failure when members fall away and no longer participate. Security after awhile becomes non existent as many many members leave. For every member who leaves there are 3 or more that will know of the place or could return with a member who left. In the end the location becomes compromised and to be honest most people will not do the work required. When we decided to leave the MAG, the MAG owner got upset and it was a bit of a struggle to get our belongings back. I have yet o find away around the shortfall of the MAG when members leave. In time there is no opsec.

    We now live on sustainable land in an area that is far from any major city, where canning is a way of life and everyone around us has livestock and gardens. We did sacrifice pizza delivery though which is a big sacrifice to someone like me who loves pizza. The cabin is set up as a last resort fall back and has everything we would need to live there but the homestead is the BIL.

    I think way out here in the country if SHTF the community will be the MAG. Out here there are no preppers... they call them locals.

    Horses, cattle, chickens, goats, and gardens thrive here. I doubt we would feel much change if SHTF.
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    Pending news;

    There are drone tests going on for pizza delivery. Don't know how they'll price the delivery service.
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  3. LastOutlaw

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    WHAAA? I can move back to civilization now?
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    That problem has been well known for a very long time LO, a pitty you had to go through all that to find out for yourself.
    As an aside, my wife makes great pizza, we have been off grid for about 40 years now, living in a forest.
    Best of luck with your new home LO.
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    I have tried to set up RV's and have been a member of a couple of groups but they never last long, people are too spread out, they have other commitments, family and or job forces a move to somewhere else, they all collapse eventually.
    there was talk of MAG's in the UK but that's all dropped off too, I haven't heard of such for many years.
    at the end of the day, especially in the UK, groups will be family units and family only.
    other than that, your on your own.
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    A very interesting story, and a great heads up to anybody who was considering a MAG. Thank you for sharing. Sounds like you found a great place. The people in your area would probably laugh at the term prepping, and not in a bad way. They would just consider it a way of life. It is nothing special. Nothing they need to think about or plan. It is just what they do. All the time. Great way to live.
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    The MAG concept has never really appealed to me. Since I really don't trust people and am a horrible judge of people, it is not a viable option for me. If my life and my families lives are going to depend on the resources and defenses, I want to be in charge. I have never met anybody I was willing to trust with my life, so Making Another Good with my provisions and labor has no appeal to me.
  8. lonewolf

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    the MAG concept died in the UK long before I even heard of them, it would maybe help some people in a post SHTF world if people could come together for barn raising, harvest time or as a security force, not permanently as a group but in times of need.
    not my thing personally, I prefer isolation from the maddening herd.
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