The Flintlock Smoothbore.

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    The flintlock smoothbore in a fusil or musket is a very versatile tool, & in my opinion an excellent choice for long term wilderness living. The difference between a musket & a fusil is: The musket is often of a larger bore size, & the gun itself is heavier than a fusil.
    .62 caliber/20 gauge flintlock fusil. 42 inch barrel.
    .74 caliber Brown Bess Musket.
    The smoothbore can shoot round ball or shot or a combination of both. This is my bag of .60 caliber round ball.
    My pouch of swanshot (Buckshot). I also carry #6 Birdshot.
    On the left .60 caliber ball, on the right .74 caliber ball.

    Other projectiles can be used in these guns but care must be taken to protect the bore if the projectile is abrasive. Garden variety peas can be used as shot, as can various plant seeds. Nuts can also be used. Beeswax can be moulded into a round ball using the standard ball mould.
    My .70 caliber smoothbore flintlock pistol can use the same ammunition as my .60 caliber fusil.
    My powder horn for carrying Black Powder. Only Black Powder should be used in muzzle-loading guns, never use smokeless gunpowder. Black Powder is black in colour, but smokeless powder may also be black in colour. Make sure you only ever use "Black Powder" by name.

    More here on small shot for smoothbores:
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