The Importance of Knowing Landmarks

Discussion in 'Navigation' started by Aneye4theshot, Jan 21, 2016.

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    One of the key pivotal points when it comes to navigation is knowing geographical landmarks. Geographical landmarks have been used for generations by explorers of all types. From early Vikings, that explored the Uncharted world to Spanish explorers and even the grand Persian army. Geographical landmarks have helped people to find their way to new places for centuries. Boat captains would use landmarks that were placed in shallow water. These landmarks could be seen during low tides, for example, exposing the direction in which they were looking for. Only individuals who knew of these landmarks would know the map or the route for the destination so to say. Land explorers have used trees, mountain peaks, and natural formations as natural landmarks to help them as well.
    Before the days of roads and even to this day landmarks in the wild are still a way that individuals know where they are. By knowing your landmarks, it will help you also know the direction your are heading which can come in great handy should you be lost in an area, in an accident, or other survival situation. Being able to look around and recognize a direction based on a geographical when marked can make the difference between life and death. Familiarize yourself with landmarks in your area. If you're going to visit an area and plan on being outdoors or doing any kind of sightseeing or exploration, it is a great idea to familiarize yourself with landmarks on all four corners of the compass. Landmarks that are higher up make better visual aids than ones that are on the ground or obstructed from you and hidden.
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    I gather that by knowing your landmarks and finding simple ways to find the directions that you are on you can assure that you are on the right path. Maybe even if you had some sort of trade or skill that also let others know what kind of quest you are on and where it leads, would be a good idea.
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    I fully agree in memorizing the landmarks. Navigating the trail in the woods is not that easy particularly if it's your first time in the place. Going to may be easier than coming back. So how can you go back when you have lost the landmarks? Even in the city, you can get lost if you are not familiar with the landmarks. Losing the way is my husband's weakness when he is not familiar with the area and he is the one driving. But in the woods, he is good in finding the right trail.
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    When I was new to the city, I identified some talk buildings, the reigning skyscrapers so as not to get lost. Even when they are blocked from sight, it didn't take long for me to locate them. It gets trickier in the wild where natural landmarks might look identical. There are cases me people who have lost their possessions for good in both urban and forested areas due to lack or carelessness in identifying landmarks.
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