The Nopalea Cactus

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    Also known as the prickly pear cactus, it produces a purple fruit (called the tuna) on top of the green paddles. When the spines are removed from the nopalea, this plant is entirely edible. Slice the paddles and bread them with cornmeal and fry them. They can also be pickled. The juice of the purple tuna can be rendered and made into delicous jelly, juice, I've even made popsicles. Very delicious! This juice is known for it numerous health benefits. It has anti-inflammatory qualities, promotes pain relief, contains antioxidants, guards against premature aging, is a detoxifier, and aids with respiratory problems. A very beneficial plant! My neighbor allows me to go into his pasture where they are numerous, and pick to my hearts content each year.
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    The Nopal has traditionally been used as important food in the diet of the population that has developed exquisite dishes and enriched the great Mexican cuisine.

    The nopal cactus is a plant rich in fiber, vitamins A, B, B2, chlorophyll, protein, minerals and 17 amino acids between essential and nonessential. Decreases blood glucose levels and total cholesterol. The cactus is used as fodder, but also tender pads are sold as a vegetable, they can be prepared pickled for soups, in salads or cooked in main dishes, such as appetizers, sauces, beverages, desserts , jams and endless food uses that can be given to this plant so rich in properties. Recently there has been very popular cactus consumption with some fruit smoothies as a way to lose weight or for people with certain diseases. The only problem with this is that many people find it a bit rude mucilage or slime, and that making the smoothie stays there.
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    Prickly pear is carried by a local grocer. I am told that in Mexico the prickly pear is good for type 2 Diabetics. I have eaten the pear and it tastes o.k. It is very mild tasting. Several of the customers at this grocery tell me they eat prickly pear with scrambled eggs.
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    I've never had prickly pear, though I'd love to try it. Haven't seen it around Tokyo though, so I mean never get the chance. But, what does it taste like, exactly? Reading that it can be pickled, fried, used to make juice and whatnot has me quite confused about the flavor profile haha. Is it like a pear?
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