The Parkland Florida School Shooting

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    The recent shooting in that Florida School tells us all we need to know about the value of Gun Control laws and what depending on the various government law enforcement groups to protect you will get you.

    The shooter has a LOOOOONG history of mental issues and violence where the police were involved. Depending on the source there have been as many as 39 calls to the police relating to him and/or his brother and family. There have been two telephone calls to the FBI warning them that he was plotting a school shooting and a couple of calls to the local police. NOTHING was ever done. NOTHING!!! If he had been arrested for any of his problems and been at least stuck in a nuthouse for some help he would not have been able to legally buy a gun...not that our system would have probably worked and stopped him but at least it wouldn't have been legal and MIGHT have kept him from buying a gun.

    THEN on the day of the shooting there were FOUR sheriff's deputies on the school property HIDING while the children were killed. Finally cops from a different force showed up and they went in but the FOUR deputies continued to hide outside.

    This is like what the pigs did in that Florida Nightclub mass murder when they hid outside for hours while the shooter walked around killing people at his leisure.

    I've said this a lot of times and people just don't understand... DEPENDING ON THE POLICE TO PROTECT YOU IS LIKE CHOOSING A CORONER FOR YOUR FAMILY PHYSICIAN. AFTER YOU ARE DEAD THEY WILL TELL YOUR FAMILY WHAT KILLED YOU. And that is all they can or are required to do. It was settled in the US Supreme Court years ago that the police are only required to act after a crime has been committed and have no responsibility to protect people. This was ruled in a case where a dozen cops sat in a Donut shot ignoring a call while a woman was repeatedly raped and killed while the 911 operator listened and tried to get someone to go. The woman was killed and her family sued but in the end they got nothing and the worth of the police ended on the day they were rules to have no responsibility to do anything except monitor and report crimes.

    We need to protect ourselves. It is not only your right, it should be the responsibility of all to protect the weak and the young. Teachers should be offered the opportunity to receive special training and then receive extra pay to wear and carry a gun in school to protect the children.

    The police and the FBI and anyone else that doesn't do their job and just stands by while kids are killed should be accessories to the crime at least and prosecuted. If you don't have the balls to do the job don't lie and take the job. I'm tired of hearing how they should have done something but just didn't do it whether it was reporting that someone committed a crime to cops that didn't want to do the paperwork so never arrested this little monster to the people that took the calls warning about it and still didn't do anything.

    New LAWS won't help. It is against the law to carry a gun on school property!!! These people don't obey laws. It's against the law to kill people!! Making more laws that will only protect the evil people by disarming honest people is insanity!!
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    Excellent post, totally agree. The anti-gun lobby over here use the crimes in the US against us all the time. Frankly I don't like Trump, he is about as corrupt as they come, but his thoughts on training & arming suitable teachers I recon is right on the ball. At least it will do something, whilst over here the Australian government has made it illegal for citizens to defend themselves with anything but their hands & feet!
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    Warren vs. District of Columbia\

    "Warren vs. District of Columbia[1] (444 A.2d. 1, D.C. Ct. of Ap. 1981) is an oft-quoted[2] District of Columbia Court of Appeals case that held that the police do not owe a specific duty to provide police services to citizens based on the public duty doctrine."

    Communists in the United States work diligently to water-down the impact of this ruling when giving its history. Cases such as this and laws written in opposition to the U.S. Constitution "frighten the sheep" in the eyes of the collectivist elite. This article in Wikipedia has been re-written heavily -- maybe several times (I re-read it to note the watering down of the ruling by collectivists) -- to lessen the importance of Warren vs. D.C. = "Don't worry, you are safe. It is much more dangerous if you have a gun in your home." NAZIs (National Socialists) and other collectivists depend heavily on the "big lie" effect.

    Communists use children to deprive parents of their Constitutional rights:


    There is a world-wide movement to eradicate religious belief and replace religion with centralized government control of the masses. The masses of people are considered insufficient to the task of conducting their own lives. Personal Liberty is considered a obsolete paradigm. The elitists who promote collectivism are willing to sacrifice the lives of billions of humans to bring this about. Besides, according to the elitists, the current number of humans on this planet is an extreme detriment to the environment -- this is what they say, however they really have little concern about environmental matters. Environmentalism is a religion created to serve the purpose of bringing about centralized government control of all institutions and businesses.

    We are living in a crux point of human history. Were this a geologic era, scientists would be warning people of the coming catastrophic earthquakes and other catastrophic world events. Being a political era of stressors be aware that wars, both organized and those totally chaotic, are 100% guaranteed. Me, I believe that we face a perfect storm within the timeline of human history. Earth event preconditions (geologic and atmospheric), political tensions of horrific weight, plus biologic risks (ex. untreatable plagues spread by readily-accessible world travel) put us in an extremely unenviable position. I can't see what peace, what normalcy, we currently enjoy in the West can continue to exist. Something/somethings catastrophically bad are going to hit the fan.
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    Addition to my 3:27 PM comment:

    Add to risks that we hear of daily the lessening of Earth's magnetic fields (magnetic pole shift? who knows?) coupled with increased sun spot activity. This combo is like putting lower latitudes into a low-level microwave oven -- not overtly harmful, however very not good. Why do glaciers melt? Answer: What happens when you put an ice cube into a microwave? Mr. Ice Cube starts to disappear.

    Earth's magnetic fields being strong = very good. Earth's magnetic fields losing their strength = very bad.
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    by Olde Geezer,

    I describe this somewhat differently Olde Geezer.

    There is a worldwide movement to replace peoples religion with another religion....Gnosticism. The religion of wise men...of "Enlightened, Illuminated, Educated Peoples"

    But yes...under Gnosticism...the masses of people are considered insufficient and or lacking in the task of conducting their own lives.

    In Gnosticism....they believe God Sleeps...sometimes symbolized with a circle and a horizontal line across it. Therefore if God Sleeps and is not running things it us up to us Gnostics to run things for the betterment of all. Of course while we are running things...we will take our cut...and no one will see what we do.

    And in the process ...we will also run public education to keep people right where they are help us run things...and will teach them help us run things or "Herd " people and businesses according to government regulations created and manufactured to keep us running things.

    All of this ...public education and teach people how good this is for them.

    And let us not forget "Professional Victimization" being taught and promoted all across the board from Public education to the politics....because this is good for us too....and puts more power and control into the hands of Professional Gnostics to run our affairs.

    This entire Gnostic System is a religion and it is diametrically opposed to the Bible and to the Constitution of the United States...and it is the religion of "Herd Mentality."

    It is being pushed with great zeal to our people and in particular our young public schools. is not a new religion and goes back into Ancient Times.

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    Jesus was a Gnostic and that is why he was killed and why Christians are not called Jesuits. Gnostic refers to "to know" and in the old sense it referred to people that had direct knowledge and a direct connection to God. Jesus was killed because he promoted a direct connection to god. The problem was then and then again later with the Catholic Church that Jesus's teaching bypassed the Priests. The Jewish Priests liked basically charging the Jewish people to talk to god for them. The Catholic faith is based on the same idea. Jesus with his lords prayer stuff was a threat to their racket and so he was killed. Later when the Catholic Church took over the faith they remover Jesus from it again and replaced Jesus the mortal son of god with Christ a god incarnate that the priesthood controlled access to.

    Even today the idea of someone having a personal relationship with God is seen as sacrilegious. Christianity is based on the idea that God has offered nothing worthy of mention in 2000 years. The Bible is the entire allowed word of God and anyone that thinks maybe that God isn't dead or has turned his back on mankind is persecuted by the Christian Church.

    The Gnostic political thing that you are talking about is based on the simple fact that no matter what we are taught a thousand idiots are not smarter than three genuses. This country was founded by people that you would call Gnostics. The original way this nation was set up idiots didn't vote. Voting was limited to property owners that by owning property had demonstrated that they were able to take care of their business and would be able to make intelligent decisions about how this country needed to be operated. The current idea that a welfare crack addict criminal is just as good as a hard working family person at making decisions about how things should be run is destroying a once great country.

    You are right in believing that there are a growing number of intelligent people that think that the stupid and the evil are not the best leaders. Our system is dying. It will either be replaced with something run by people with a little common sense or it will crash and burn in the very near future. Personally I think the fire is already burning.

    The problem for the rest of the world is that without the stupid Americans being the cops for the world and footing the bills for the UN and most other crazy idea like feeding people that won't control their populations the crash and burn will rapidly be world wide. Without the US spending money hand over fist buying things the economies of China, India, and much of central and South America will collapse. Europe is already starting to crumble and before long the EU is going to fragment into the old animosities. At this time Russia is the leader of the pack as far as the most likely to sort of survive this. They have not ever even pretended that stupid people as important and their economy while weak is mostly self controlled and interdependent.

    The fall of and in the United States will be the worst and bloodiest. Quite simply put, we have the farthest to fall. Life is so easy here that even our poorest, laziest and stupidest have no problem getting fed, housed and entertained. The fall from there to the reality that is already common in most of the world is going to be a hell of a crash. We don't even have many people left that know how to work. When it is suddenly root for yourself or die, die is going to be the default setting for most.

    No doubt the children of Abraham will enthusiastically return to their favorite sport; killing their cousins. This has been one of the longest periods without the Christians, Jews and Muslims having a good old bloodbath since the creation of the Catholic church in 400 AD. How in the world did the message of love and forgiveness of Jesus become such an unforgiving monster?
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    I don't know if I would call Jesus a Gnostic...but I definitely would not call him a Pharisee.

    What you are describing here the difference between Hellenic and Judiac Pharisees ..but they are both Pharisees and I am well aware of this history. They are also both that they have established their own rules for getting around the rules. You can break the rules ..but you must follow the rules to get around the rules.

    This is also what has happened to much of what passes for law today...rules for getting around the rules or laws. You must follow the rules to break the rules. And this has resulted in todays PC interpretation of the law...political expediency ..not what the law was intended to accomplish. Pharisees in law as well...Talmudic Pharisees.

    You must be speaking of a different Christianity than the one of which I know. Persecution is not a Christian principle..or doctrine. The doctrine of which I know is to separate ..come out from amongst them and be ye separate.
    Phariseeism teaches persecution...and that is exactly what is happening today with the 2nd Amendment. It is becoming a means of persecution and thus clearing up for me that the Pharisees are still with us.

    This also clears up to me that Islam is another variety of Phariseeism. So which Phariseeism do you want ...Judiac, Hellenic, or Islamic....or today...corporate/deep state. All of them Pharisees and hell bent on persecution of those with whom they disagree.

    I've read John Fox and his "Book of Martyrs" and have it here next to my computer along with Gail Riplingers "New Age Bible Versons."

    Any So called Christian Church which persecutes is not one operating under the Candlestick.....but is a counterfeit church.
    The instruction is to come out from amongst them and be ye separate. The technique of the Pharisees is to persecute...and even use/misuse the law to help in the they did with Roman Law so many years ago..when they traded Barabbas for Jesus.
    And this continues today..under current Pharisees practicing a religion.

    Now this I tend to agree with in principle...

    What someone has done it use the uneducated and overly emotional to outvote those who work and take risks to keep the economy favor of those who only take from the system. The lady I see is an apartment manager and often tells me nightmare stories of what is going on...with these Americans and even immigrants put on the system at Americans expense and for which those of us who risk in our labors pay for and finance.

    Someone in this system has done a Talmudic rule change which puts many Americans in last place in our own nation. Exactly what is happening much faster in the Continent of Europe and the UK.
    Most Americans of which I know are not even aware of the extent to which this has gone on today. It is being hidden from the media and leadership.

    I tend to agree with this here too....

    By this I meant people who can still think for sense...and not necessarily people with degrees.
    I am not against people with degrees per se...provided common sense has not been educated out of them.
    Am I stating that correctly???

    I have been hearing some things off the beaten path about Russia, China, Iran, and a handful of other nations and why they are the way they are...It is interesting to me.
    But you are correct...particularly about olde Yugoslavia demonstrated ..and even Turkey and Syria demonstrate.

    However I have heard some things about what is going on there...too..and not of what we are being fed through our phony media.
    I do believe we need to stop being the police for the world to protect someone's investments...resources, and or travel/shipping lanes. To me this is most of what we have been doing since before WW1 and without getting any spoils. This meaning we have been fighting someone else's wars....someone not wanting to be seen or known.

    This the one which greatly concerns I think you are correct here. I am verily concerned with the two legged wildlife here.

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    ??? Surely you jest!! Almost since its inception the primary pursuit of Christianity has been to wipe out any and all other religions. On every continent the Church went and killed the people they found there in the name of god. When they weren't killing people for having another faith they were busy killing other Christians for not having exactly their faith. The inquisition was a horror of murder in the name of christianity and actually the early founders of our country were here in part fleeing religious persecution. This went on even here in the US as the Natives had their children taken and forced to take "christian" names and become civilized "christians." The Mormons were persecuted and killed and chased even though they were also christians and the holocaust of the Jews in WW2 was done by christians or at least with a lot of christians looking away.

    Don't get me wrong. I was raised in the church and my Dad was a lay minister. We believed in a loving forgiving faith and accepted anyone into our church. For years I was on the Board of directors of my church and loved it and what it stood for deeply. None of this though blinds me to the fact that like everything else mankind will find a way to turn even love and forgiveness into a reason and excuse to kill people.

    It doesn't matter whether you are talking about Islam, the Jewish faith or Christianity. All three have exactly the same strengths and weaknesses...they are made up of people and people as a group are all basically the same. Within the framework of their culture most are good but not actively good. A few are not so good but not really evil and then there are the few that are pure evil. The percentages don't seem to differ much no matter where you go.
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    Oh no..I do not jest at all.

    But at the same time ...thank you for making my point..about all Christians being defaulted in representation by the Roman Church. This was never so....except in history books wherein it is attempted to make all religions the same religion and all gods the same god.

    I am well familiar with this template and teaching. It is necessary to bring about Ishmael under the guise of passing for Isaac when it is no such thing. It is a counterfeit Texdanm..because there is no such instruction in the Bible for an Inquisition nor a Crusade.

    Once the Hebrews were dispersed ...about the world..what we call the diaspora...God had no use for that nation and land over there anymore.

    Again...the church is the assembly ..the people...not a building or priesthood per se...but the called assembly.

    And I know of their presence by the numbers and records of Rome in how many they killed. This record is to be found in John Fox and his "Book of Martyrs."

    The details are not found in most history books. Most history books try to default this history of Christianity over to Rome.
    However fairness ..some of Gods people were killed at the stake by the Lutherans and also the Anglicans....and many of their persecuted came here to America. And they are still here today.

    Some of them moved eastward into the Crimea and Russia...and are still there today and have finally made contact with similar churches not affiliated with Rome...with the advent of the computer/e mail and the internet.

    These descendants are of those churches which were not invited or did not come to the Council of Nicea in 325ad and the founding of Rome. They remained independent ..which is also why Rome went after them in the Inquisition...up into the high mountains of France and other places...Piedmont. Rome was hunting these churches.

    I too did not know of this history until taught by Elders knowledgeable in history....and in particular church history .

    As I am want to say ...many Christians should not be so ignorant and lacking in history..even church history but they are and I believe their ministers and priests want them to so remain.

    Wow!!! This is not what I was taught by the Elders. I was taught that none of us are good...we are all evil...but God for His purposes has put His heart into us by a good conscience towards him...not everyone and everything else.

    I was taught that the basic nature of men is bad do evil continually...on their own.

    How do I know this.....because we do not have to teach people to do comes naturally. We have to teach people to do good....or at least not do to evil.

    I don't think most churches today teach this. They teach the basic goodness of men.

    But you are in your posts confirming what I previously said about the Church at Rome...that it represents all of Christianity by default. I do not agree with this. History reads something else when you know what they do not want us to know.

    Gotta shove off,
    Catch up with you later and thanks for your post,
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    I don't believe that all people are evil. I have known an awful lot of good people. I believe that what we are seeing today is basically a break down of our culture. Being good is no more instinctive than being bad. It is taught behavior and a matter of will to resist temptation. I at least try to be a good person because as a child I was taught that honor and being a caring person was important...even more important than immediate selfish gratification.

    Most people don't teach their kids anything now and their natures are directed by the things in their life that matter to them. Violent video games, violent movies and by emulating thugs and gang bangers. They have very little time with adults and so never develop and adult world view. Is it really surprising that when they get frustrated or life steps on them that they react as they were trained to a thousand hours of video games and movies???

    Each one of us walks a different road. The things we learn and see affect us. Some people drift through life like flotsam caught in a flood. Others root around like curious monkeys looking at everything and poking into every nook and cranny. The drifters go with the flow and right now the flow is nearing a fall. Some will see it coming and be different but their paths to this point may be very different. Over my years I have been blessed by having many Elders that took time to help me see the world in different ways. That is something that most seekers seem to come to over time is a wider world view. Good and bad are often dependent on your culture and the hardest culture far a person to clearly see is the one they were raised in.
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    I've known and still know a lot of decent people.

    Verily agree.

    Negative here Texdanm. I so state because you do not have to teach a person to do bad...because this is the natural state of men. You have to teach them to be decent to each other....respectful if you prefer....or more important to me...Honorable.

    One of the things or indexes of which I have taken time to notice and bookmark in my mind is that being bad has become very marketable/merchandisable.over the years....bad ..even self indulgent at the expense of others....self glorifying by the glorifying/merchandizing of bad conduct.

    I believe this has contributed extensively to the "Fall " of our nation and people.

    To me Texdanm...we have become a people who define and glorify ourselves by what we consume..not by what we are ..or know...but by our egos through consumption rates.

    I don't care for this type of self glorifying...or is it self glorification...self promotion at the expense of others.


    I came to the knowledge I posses through Elders late in life....but was born a third world nation. Been to a lot of other countries...seen the differences. We here in America are very sheltered from much of this and know it to how fortunate and or blessed we are.
    While I am aware of a world view...I am not particularly interested in it.

    Good ,to me, is what God declared is anything else.

    This can also be applied to the differences in how we live here in the West verses what we see in many nations and why it is this way.

    This is also something the Elders taught me for which to look and think.
    We are very blessed here in America and know it not....nor do many of us anymore know the Source of our blessings and plenty. This is not accidental that we are so blessed and I also believe it is not accidental that so many of us no longer know or understand why we are losing our blessings....and becoming as we are becoming...two legged wildlife.

    Gotta Run,
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    Back when boys were taught about honor there were things understood that didn't have to be said. Now saying those things can get you in trouble!! An honorable person understands that there are NO rights that don't come with responsibilities. Respect is something EARNED and only when it is earned does it have meaning. I was taught to act in a respectful manner to my elders BUT I was also taught that that respect and a dime would buy them a cup of coffee and that was all. Real respect came from seeing over time how a person acted and based on their actions you determined the level of respect that they deserved.

    Now, respect has come to mean fear. A totally dishonest killer in prison talks constantly about being respected. Street punks and thugs are all about not being disrespected. Hells golden bells not only do I not respect them I'm not even sure that they should have the right to live another day. They aren't even wildlife; they are more like rabid skunks and deserve the same thing you would do with them.

    Unfortunately the wonderful world of Hollywood, TVs and the Music world has made them into cult heroes for our kids and grandkids and WE have been stupid enough to let them do it. They are the true banner carriers for the liberal left. Liberals are not a big percentage 0f this country. Like the Black vote they are a very small part of the adult constituency in America. The Black vote is considered critical but they only represent 13% of the voting age public!! The thing about the liberals is that they are relentless while the more conservative and moderate are getting lazier every year.

    Just as for liberals respect has come to mean to fear someone it seems that the conservatives have decided that they are best represented by being meek and quiet. You can't say that it is wrong to let blacks kill kids in drive by shootings. If you say that out loud you are a bigot and a racist. WHY????? It's wrong to let whites kill kids in drive by shootings too but that is ok to say. We as conservatives have let the liberal idiots muzzle us!! Political correctness means if you see someone commit a crime you can't say it was a black person. THAT is prejudice! Watch the news they never tell you who commited the crime. They might show you a picture of who they are looking for but they won't SAY it.

    If you can't even SAY when something is wrong are you really free anymore or are you just kidding yourself?
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    Agree Texdanm,
    Many things were understood...and did not need to be said.

    And correct...respect is something earned...not artificial means...or owed. Yes...absolutely on the responsibilities.

    You are talking about "Demonism" here. The reversal 180 degrees of what was in our fathers and grandfathers time.
    Yes.....I can respect four legged wildlife more than this kind of demonic two legged variety. The problem of which I am aware is that today many of this kind of demonic two legged wildlife have moved into leadership positions.

    See my post about "I don't care two hoots about the Oscars" And can throw in the music industry as well. Thanks for reminding me about that connection.
    I often refer to this as a movie and television education. I need to expand this out to also include a music stop individual thinking and herd people.

    I have learned to be cautious about meek and mild/quiet people. For I know that there are those among them that you do not "Ever " want to push beyond a certain threshold.

    I don't believe the Liberals have factored this in.

    Yes the left is full of bullies...trying to manufacture fear, intimidation, and or everything American. Again this is demonic in it's nature.

    The left is working very very hard to not let America and Americans awaken as to who and what they really are.
    I believe they are very very afraid this will happen...not by Trump..but at the level of the ordinary American.
    That they/Americans are of Isaac and not of Ishmael.
    The left and the World...fears this more than anything else.

    For they must turn us away from Isaac and towards Ishmael and bondage. It is clear to me that they glory in this bondage.

    My .02,
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    All good has to do to ensure that evil thrives and wins is nothing.

    Now, I don't do the demon thing and to me evil is defined as selfishness that will harm others for personal benefit or pleasure. Unfortunately for the civilized world, the "conservative" part of most countries have become both lazy and selfish in a lot of ways. Used to be being conservative was about we and us where now it is very much about I and me. Politically, from the point of a lower to upper middle class person, there is little difference between the left and the right. One side wants to give it all away to the poor and the lazy and the other side wants to turn billionaires into trillionaires. Neither side has any interest in the rights, life and continued existence of a healthy and large middle class.

    Trump is pretty much hated equally by both the Democrat and Republican parties. Whether he IS or IS NOT, he talks and so far has actually tried to do things that neither party approves of. The crazy SOB is trying to bring jobs back to the middle class. Slow down the endless rush of the lazy and useless from other countries to the great American sugar tit. He is also working to return to America the respect that we used to demand. You get this from a strong military and by demonstrating a willingness to do more than apologise and beg others to be nice.

    He is maybe more than a little crazy or at least he works hard to offer than sort of appearance in comparison to the previous administration. Think about how Ronald Reagan looked after the whining of the Carter administration. It is a very similar swing though I am in no way comparing Trump to Reagan.

    I am sick of party politics. I'm ready to see a few Americans running for office. Shipping jobs to other countries and putting Americans out of work is UNamerican even if it is good Republican party politics. Conversely flooding the country with people that have no skills, no education and are illiterate in our language while offering them and our American poor a lifestyle above that of the lower working class is insane even if it is Democratic party policy.

    Charity begins at home. We have children in THIS country that are receiving medical care that is below what we would allow in other countries that we are sending help to. In this I can speak from experience. the current American welfare medical services is a sham that makes the care our poor veterans are receiving look like the greatest thing EVER. In some ways it is worse than nothing! In a country with as many rich as we have it is truly a sin to have children here that are allowed to suffer with easily curable illnesses. Obama Care is a sham BUT that doesn't mean that we don't need to do something about our messed up medical care system. If Cuba can do it why can't we. Their child mortality rates are a lot lower than ours because they have a functioning medical system that takes care of all and not only the rich.

    I'm sorry if it sounds socialest but I ask you this. Is it right to allow innocent children to suffer and die just so millionaires can become billionaires and billionaires can become trillionaires. The rich in this country have become our obcine hidden rulers. You think that you get to vote in a fair and honest election but understand you only get to vote for those that the rich have chosen to allow us to voter for. Trump is a wildcard in that he financed his own election. He got into office without selling his hypothetical soul to one or the other party. To both parties he is an outsider...just like the other 95% of Americans.

    The problems in America are a reflection of what is happening worldwide. When we fall though who is going to keep the wolves at bay? Just for a moment though think about the world today and the odd placement of their growing power and wealth. How is it that the two strongest economies in the world today are in the two countries that theoretically lost the last world war? Note, I said strongest. Germany and Japan are both basing their economies on a forward movement. There are other countries that are making products and moving a lot of money around but they will suddenly just fall if America and Europe stop buying.

    Honestly I don't have any answers. I suspect that the only end run to what I'm seeing today is either TEOTWAWKI or a world wide takeover ending in something similar to Russia during the horrors of the Joseph Stalin era.
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    Gotta take off here but wanted to say...

    I believe you are quoting a variation of Edmond Burke here.

    Well said...Texdanm...well said.

  16. watcherchris

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    Ok...and the law being broken here???

    And the law being broken here???

    I don't have a problem with someone wanting to turn billionares into long as no law is being broken.

    I do have a problem with someone wanting to give it away to the poor and or lazy by taking from one group to finance and or pay for another group. This because it is a form of bondage. ....Taking from those who work to pay for someone not working...
    The person or people working have to pay twice..once for themselves and their families and again for those not working.
    This is bondage and or involuntary servitude.

    It matters not to me whether one is a billionaire or a working class is still bondage and involuntary keep certain politicians in votes. I don't buy this.

    I do not agree with todays socialist/Marxist humanistic concepts that it is ok to make one group of people expendable and disposable to keep another group in goodies and or votes. And that is exactly how far this nation has fallen today and our phony conservative Republicans do not dare educate the public as to this concept or understanding. They are in on the scam. In that you are correct about both political parties.

    Such give aways to those not earning it ..for power and votes has today become a kind of cancer on our economic a lead or steel weight around our ankles. It has also become a drug of choice to the phony political party apparatus....the Deep State.


    This here...

    In a certain manner I agree with you here...but am not sure we are going to agree on how it needs be handled. By this I mean your ending statement on your post.

    It is my perhaps strange and outdated belief, that the best thing the government or deep state can do is stay the hell out of our private business...and stop trying to herd us ...from the richest to the poorest. The country/people/the economy will handle all of that . I believe that a truly independent middle class ..not being herded can solve these problems and create wealth. But this must needs apply to all Americans. Not divide and conquer us by herding as is being tried today towards a hidden and concealed goal.

    Staying the hell out of everyone's business is one of the first steps to a healthy and large middle class. Anything else is to manufacture a royalty ....a royal class...feudalism.

    And feudalism is royalty...which has little interest in anything but their group. In the West...this is often a hidden and concealed group working from or through proxies to do their bidding...herding. Proxies...the deep state.

    Agree...both political parties don't seem to like him...and are threatened by his existence. This tells me what these political parties are. He is a threat to their continued existence and Herding of the American People.

    I'm going to disagree with you here Texdanm...but I don't think by much. I say this because I think you can easily and readily follow what I am going to say and present here.
    And this because I think that at a certain level you have gone to the edge of craziness necessity....and at times to ward off two legged wildlife....if not also four legged varieties. Sometime it is advantageous to have them believe they are confronting "Crazy!!!!" And so too with Trump.

    I don't think Trump is crazy. I think where and what the deep state and whomever they represent and how they intend to "Herd" this nation and people is Crazy. The MO of the Deep State is to me what is Crazy. And I believe they are coming out into the open with this Crazy.

    And I also believe of necessity ,that in order to pull this off, the deep state and whomever they represent , they must needs institute crazy onto Americans as the new "Normal."

    That 180 degree flip flop thing and thinking to accompany this flip flop of which I am often speaking.

    Me too....real Americans ..not professional politicians. Home grown corn fed!!

    I agree with a caveat.

    The caution here is when professional politicians use or misuse this business of "The Children" to put Americans into bondage and herd them. To me this happens entirely to much in America to control and herd the people....just as it is being attempted to use/misuse the Florida Shooting Against Americans who had nothing to do with what happened. They are so obviously trying to use/misuse the children remove from Americans their rights and property...and these Americans had nothing to do with that incident.

    We are seeing this pattern occur all to often by the professional body politic for power and control...the use and misuse of children for furthering political power and control......the continued Herding Of America and Americans.

    I do not agree with this political technique at all...for it is Ishmael...and bondage. It is demonic and subversive in how they use/misuse it.

    This technique...too...the Children ..after awhile you can see it coming...just like the next "Hitler...racist....homophobe...sexist....etc etc et al."

    Good Lord....Maxine Waters is become so a Xerox Copy.
  17. watcherchris

    watcherchris Legendary Survivalist

    Blog Posts:
    deleted post. Duplicate.
    Last edited: Mar 8, 2018
  18. watcherchris

    watcherchris Legendary Survivalist

    Blog Posts:

    I had a very long post but forgot about the character limit. It seems I lost most of it and need to shove off.

    Catch up with the board later...gotta run.

  19. Keith H.

    Keith H. Moderator Staff Member

    Blog Posts:
    We are getting off topic I think guys, this seems to be turning into a discussion about religion!!! Can we get back to the original post please.
    Thank you.
  20. TexDanm

    TexDanm Shadow Dancer

    Blog Posts:
    Yes Sir. You are right.

    What you see in children is always just a reflection of what you are putting into them. These days people don't seem to put much into raising their own kids and if you will watch a few of the movies these days and look at some of the video games and even the TV shows that have replaced parents actually spending real time with the kids it is no wonder we see growing violence in schools and a HUGE rise in children commiting suicide. People are pack animals. When you isolate a child bad things start to happen. A video game can't replace family and friends in the heart of a child growing up.
  21. Keith H.

    Keith H. Moderator Staff Member

    Blog Posts:
    Totally agree Tex, but I think it goes further. It seems to me that governments are failing the people. Society is not well, look at all the homelessness, mentally ill people, people out of work, people struggling to feed their families, domestic violence. But what does the government do instead of addressing these issues, they implement more gun control aimed at law abiding licenced gun owners, they cut funding to women's help centers, they raise the taxes & implement tax cuts for the wealthy & big business & they ravage the environment!!!
    I don't know where all this is going Tex, but I doubt that these shootings will stop any time soon. Frankly I have my doubts about who is orchestrating these shootings! I think in some cases these shooters are being used to leave the way open to more gun control!
  22. Old Geezer

    Old Geezer Legendary Survivalist

    Blog Posts:
    The killing of children in these schools is one of the tiny damnations of the Greater Sickness.
    God is going to smite this planet.
    He isn't going to use any scalpel. God's getting out his sledge hammer.
    His Wrath is unfathomable. Listen for the roar in His throat.
    When you hear Him roar, know that mountains are going to crumble. Billions are going to die.
    Places on this Earth are going to crack open like an egg. The Earth's magma will vomit forth.
    The other planets will look away. Angels of Mercy will fly away. Pity the souls who have to stay.
  23. watcherchris

    watcherchris Legendary Survivalist

    Blog Posts:
    Keith H and others,

    I am going to disagree here...and attempt to make my point....

    I hope some of the members here can connect the dots in thinking...and to a conclusion.

    And this is not intended to give apologies if any offense is taken.

    We are indeed talking about religion here...

    And for those capable of thinking outside a public education...this meaning a television and movie emotions...

    Politics has indeed become a very devout and zealous religion ....and a destructive one at that.

    A religion of demonic practices ....,backwardness....debasement....misrepresentation....not the product advertised....fraudulent.....even counterfeit.

    The very devout pushing and promoting of anything and everything to degrade and debase people and their favor of government.

    Of removing from people their production for which they work and labor and giving it to those who do not labor.
    To leave people disarmed and unable to protect themselves and their families from both two legged wildlife as well as the four legged varieties out here. And I mean here mentally ....spiritually well as physically disarmed.

    It takes a different kind of thinking to recognize this because so much of what tries to pass for leadership today is couched or hidden/concealed behind emotional get people to stop thinking for themselves.

    Emotions is often reacting...under someone else's is not thinking per se.
    And I believe political leadership in this country has long ago figured this out after many many years of television and movie programming /indoctrination via Phil Donahue type emotional indoctrination/emotional programming/manufactured outrage.
    And this has become a drug for many people in lieu of individual thinking. And drugs were and still are an important ingredient in various religions..,.....if one knows this history about religion/religions....even going back into ancient times...unto today.

    But make no mistake...this is a religion behind politics...a devout and zealous religion.
    And this Florida Shooting at this school illustrates clearly the devout and zealous nature of this other religion quite well.

    Someone in this country believes themselves far enough along in this devout and zealous "other religion" remove from people their Rights under the Constitution ...even the removal of their property under the Constitution.....when these people have committed no crime or trespass nor by due process been charged with the same.

    This is a 180 degree flip flop ...of any thinking and substituting emoting for thinking. Someone wants safety and is willing to sacrifice someone else's property and rights under the Constitution to get this safety.
    This is madness....hence it is it's nature. A 180 degree reversal of what the Founders intended.
    And this is what leadership in this country has become....a counterfeit.

    This is a counterfeit work in leadership.

    Give me the name of the counterfeit god of this other religion....???

    And make no mistake...they are promoting this "Other Religion " from our public schools via government well as in television and movies.

    Hollywood, incestuously in bed with Washington DC, is also promoting this "Other Religion" big time....but people would have to be able to think outside the box to catch it.

    It is for this reason I have no interest in the Grammy or Oscar Awards.

    Hollywood and Washington DC are now...are trying to elevate themselves to the level of Priesthood...over this nation. And now so too is well as the media.
    I have long ago given up on the devout and zealous religion of sports and the worship of such sports idols as my hero's to follow and emulate.
    And in like manner....Hollywood is not my religion to worship as idols nor priesthood to follow.

    If you think this is a joke......what I am describing here...just look at all the pulp rags at the check out stands at the grocery stores, wal Mart ...or the pharmacies....shouting this Hollywood or sports religion out to you 24/7 if you are sufficiently and emotionally weak enough to pay for it. Right next to the other Hollywood Sex religion rag..."Cosmopolitan."

    And as a ham radio operator.... capable of getting news and information from other sources..I have long ago become just as dubious about the Priestly nature of our Main Stream Media...also incestuously in bed with Washington DC priests....Religion. It is so obviously the same religion.

    My point in this long dissertation is to be careful what we think is a trying to herd others.

    Also this...

    In A.D. 1961, the United States Supreme Court decided the case of Torcaso v Watkins.

    “Among religions in this country which do not teach what would generally be considered a belief in the existence of God are Buddhism, Taoism, Ethical Culture, Secular Humanism and others.”

    I have known about this pattern for over 20 years now..and catch it often when promoted by "Experts" trying to prevent most people from thinking and catching on about religion ....while trying to promote their points as "Enlightenment....higher education"....etc etc et al.....when they are in fact ...promoting another religion....and another god.

    And out of this knowledge I came to recognize politics as a very devout and zealous religion and priesthood to accompany the same....while trying to extend their power to herd others.

    Thanks to all for their posts,
    My .02,

    Not an Ishmaelite
    Last edited: Mar 9, 2018
  24. TexDanm

    TexDanm Shadow Dancer

    Blog Posts:
    I think that you fail to understand the difference between philosophy and religion. Philosophy mostly teaches you how to think and offers a path for those thoughts. Religion tells you not to think and instead demands that you have faith and just BELIEVE. To some extent they overlap but in general they don't get along well.

    Our children need things to BELIEVE in. Kids don't think enough for a nebulous philosophy to make an impression. Religion is used in every culture to set people down a path that will allow that culture to continue and operate with minimal friction. By not offering our kids a religion and only a philosophy we are basically not offering them any moral guidance that they will be guided by.
  25. watcherchris

    watcherchris Legendary Survivalist

    Blog Posts:
    Wow Texdanm,

    Wow !! do you know Texdanm....what is not the college...I mean "Mirror Image Thinking??"

    While I agree that philosophy and religion often do not get along well...particularly in todays colleges and universities.....but there is also a thing called Mirror Image Thinking and few catch on to it.

    It is a way of passing off a counterfeit as something real and valuable...without many discerning what is happening.

    The interesting thing about looking in the mirror is that we often think we are looking at a true copy....


    That the guy in the mirror ...his left hand or our right hand or arm. There is something reversed here in this image.
    They are not the same.

    Both philosophy and religion can do this if one is not perceptive....even to the point of passing off to us a fake and or counterfeit.

    Hence one needs to know this about what people try to teach you to dissect it into it's component parts..and examine each....and then the whole.

    How many of us are trained to spot a fake or counterfeit???? Particularly in religion and or even philosophy??

    I have tried to teach myself to be very careful about both philosophy and religion.

    And I have deduced that Politics has morphed into a religion today....a very devout and zealous religion...and in addition to that has morphed so far...afield...that it is no longer in accordance with the Constitution of the United States...though it tries to so advertise itself.

    Both political parties have morphed into a counterfeit religion in their practices....customs and traditions.
    And they are both failing in their representation of the people of this nation.

    What does one call it when the product is not as advertised???

    Only a handful of Olde Timers....Elders have ever taught me about Mirror Image Thinking...and politics is full of variations of this counterfeit for votes and power/control. Not liberty and freedom.

    Thanks for your post,

    Not an Ishmaelite.
    Last edited: Mar 10, 2018
  26. TexDanm

    TexDanm Shadow Dancer

    Blog Posts:
    Both parties are the same in their basic philosophy. A Republican/Democrat is Republican/Democrat FIRST and only an American or a representative of the state and district that he is supposed to be supporting somewhere way down the line. Our Democracy has become a sham that is run by two parties solely for the benefit of those two parties. We get to vote but think about it...who exactly decides WHO is on the ballot. It costs so much now to run that only the approved people get the funds to be there and so are owned by their party.

    Trump is a freak. He was personally wealthy enough to make it to where he is out of his own pocket and that makes him an enemy to Washington. Oh hell he was put there by regular people voting for him. Normally neither side rally cares who you vote for because the only people on the ballot that stand a chance they own.

    In order for them to stay in power the American people have to be both distracted and reeducated in our moral beliefs. We now accept it as normal and acceptable for our leaders to be blatant and obvious liars, philanderers, thieves and totally lacking in honor. If a man or woman can't keep their word to at least appear to honor their marriage vows what fool would think they were going to keep campaign promises. Both parties have become cesspools of dishonor and filth.

    This ROT is showing up, as it always does, in our youth. One of the first signs of water pollution is aberrations seen in tadpoles. An adult knows how to disguise and hide the rot that may be within but kids don't do that. Our government is fostering hate and violence by not discouraging it. They talk but do nothing as terrorists and criminals take over our streets and run freely back and forth across our borders. The Obama administration was importing them as fast as possible and the Republicans let it happen without saying much because they approved. They now have control of both houses and the White house but still they do nothing and in that prove what I'm saying.

    Our children are showing us what our future is going to be. Ignorance, anger, violence and lack of self discipline or honor is not a foundation that we can stand on. As goes the USA so will go the world because the dark side is always there waiting for the lights to dim slightly.
  27. watcherchris

    watcherchris Legendary Survivalist

    Blog Posts:
    Wow...I could not believe the timing whence I found this today.

    Here is an example of MIT/Mirror Image thinking....and a counterfeit.

    Reporters Complain NRA Is ‘Gunsplaining,’ ‘Bullying’ by Insisting They Use Correct Terminology

    I was astounded at how stupid these reporters area about accuracy in reporting and only depending on the emotional long as their feelings are in the right place.

    This is not reporting is gaslighting.

    How often have the reporter in this country pushed a racial position based on race....and ignoring the details of history such as

    when Dr. Martin Luther King stated..."By the content of their character...not by the colour of their skin.

    How often have both leadership of his country and the media pushed a racial/racism narrative based on the colour of a persons skin and not the content of their character????

    One of these is the right way and the other is mirror image thinking...but it is suppose to look But for those who is a counterfeit...from the backwards image of the mirror.

    How about public education doing the same gaslighting ....while ignoring the facts of history...ignoring any accuracy???

    They are all in bed together singing from the same song book...and often stupidly ...and proud of their stupid..

    The body politic...both parties, the MSM...and Public Education.

    All of this looks great when you only think about the emotional satisfaction or instant emotional gratification of what they are doing ..but if you know any history......

    You will recognize that what is being promoted is what I described about MIT.....their left hand is your right hand.

    They are doing the bait and switch.

    The issue is public trust.....

    And again...what they ignore while they bait and switch ....what they that you cannot be trusted with a vote if you cannot be trusted with a gun. No one wants to discuss this aspect. They prefer it never be covered.

    And the whole time this is going on ...both the Republicans and Democrats are silent on this concept..and never want it to enter the thought process of ordinary Americans.

    I looks and smells justifiable to emotional guilt ridden Americans...but not to those who can spot the Mirror Image Thinking going on here....

    Then I found another one..and even more obvious to those who can think past their emotional instant gratification beliefs and again know some history.

    Once you see the MIT/Mirror Image Thinking being attempted here .....again you realize how incredibly stupid these people are and how they are trying to pass this stupidity off as the new "Normal"

    Here this article again..

    Pavone: Do ChristiansOpposeAbortionBecauseThey Hate Sex?

    This one really takes the cake...once you know how to think it through.

    The history reads that those Christians who not ever define themselves by their sexuality. They define themselves by the God who lives in them 24/7.
    This is a concept and understanding totally avoided by people who would be want to demonize Christians for opposing abortion.

    Only an Idiot would identifly themselves by their sexuality and attempt to hold others socially hostage and in bondage to their sexuality....and or speak out against someone who identifies themselves by their sex and sexuality...and now this also includes abortion. When you attempt to hold others hostage and in bondage to sexuality for which they do not is called "Rape."
    You have to be educated into 24 carat stupidity not to catch it. And this counterfeit MIT/Mirror Image System was so designed for us not to catch it.

    Why is this....because thinking people know that a human being is more much more than sex and sexuality.

    Yet...once you know this can spot the bait and switch in this kind of demonic Mirror Image Thinking.

    They are betting that in their rush to manufacture a bad guy here... by Mirror Image Thinking....that you will not be able to spot it. That all they have to make their case is more sex.

    This is one manner in which they play the blame game and think you will not be able to spot the counterfeit for which they are the blame game.

    This is pure 24 Carat MIT/Mirror Image Thinking and gaslighting.

    And our Media, Public Education paid for by the body politic, and also both political parties do this to us often.
    There is an incestuous relationship between them all.

    Learn to spot the Mirror Image Thinking as they attempt to reverse everything and anything on and against put us into Ishmaelite Bondage.

    Oh...and when you see this kind of poor nonsense being pushed and zealously promoted by professionals...over and over and recognize it as part of a religion....for someone is so obviously devout in promoting such blame games....socially and politically.

    My non Ishmaelite .02,

    Last edited: Mar 10, 2018
  28. TexDanm

    TexDanm Shadow Dancer

    Blog Posts:
    People are stupid and the right of freedom of the press without them being required to be truthful and fair is just another case of rights without responsibilities being as bad for a culture as no rights at all.

    None of this is new. William Randolph Hearst started a war with lies to sell news papers and put an entire industry out of business so he could corner the market on paper for news paper. Lies nowadays are just considered good Journalism. Just a VERY few years ago if you got caught telling lies it was a career ender. The getting caught part was the breaker and so even though they lied they at least tried to be discreet so they couldn't be caught.

    We have become a country totally lacking in honor. In our overwhelming need for all to be equal we have chosen to lower the standards so everyone is the same. Our educational system is a joke. They made it so that the lazy and stupid could make good grades because requiring them to work and try might damage their little egos or indicate prejudice. Our criminal justice system is a joke and lets killers out to do it again and again and hand cuffs the police in their efforts to do anything.

    Historically despite all of our "RIGHTS" people in America that are different in most any way have been treated pretty awful until the next scapegoat could be picked. We seem to just have a NEED to have someone that we can pick on and say are less and lower than dirt in order to be happy. I don't care about the color of your skin any more than I care about your hair color oe eye color. The same is true about your sexual desires as long as you aren't trying to get in bed with me. I couldn't care less what religion you practice as long as you don't try and make me live by your rules. This means ALL religions! People need to get out of other people's business. If you are doing something that is hurting nobody then it is nobody else's business. America was not founded as a Christian Nation and needs to return to its roots. There is too much religion in our Government and sadly at the same time politicians are basically about the most immoral people there are. They USE Christianity to create strife and misery not to make us better people.
  29. watcherchris

    watcherchris Legendary Survivalist

    Blog Posts:
    You know Texdanm.,,The older I get the more I find this to be true from your quote.

    Agree...but a sidelight of this ...lying and passing off a continued series of lies as if it was the truth...I have come to recognize this as a type of demonic backwardness....and it is Biblical....and so mentioned there.

    By this means ... "the Lie" ...I have come to recognize that the very soul of a nation and people can be stolen, bought , traded, made merchandize someone's benefit and gain.

    Correct...none of it is new...including the Hearst Template. Only the technological applications/speed has is still " the Lie."

    I verily agree here with this.....and would also like to add...lacking in the Truth.

    You know the olde man who taught me explained that by the time the social engineers get done with America...we will find equality in the gutters...when everyone and everything has been reduced to the lowest common the gutters. And it certainly looks as if he was correct so many years ago.

    I suspect that this is one aspect of why Trump is not liked....he is not interested in dragging America into the gutter in the quest for "Equality." And for this ...I believe they hate him. But also they do not seem want for Americans to know or understand this distinction. In particular our phony leadership and the MSM shilling for them.

    Wow!!! You got that one correct...right in the X ring. This became very noticeable in the Obama Administration as someone tried to turn right and wrong into the demonic nature of Social where many of these groups became themselves into the very thing they claimed to be fighting....racists, sexists, and fascists.

    Those of us who knew even a little history could see this happening right in front of us...the Demonic 180 degree flip flop in everything and the chaos that someone tries hard to give birth out of this manufactured backwardness and flip flop.
    This continues today because these groups still believe this country belongs to them...not to the American People.
    They believe that how the American people voted means nothing....that their vote is illegitimate...morally questionable.
    That they and their groups are the only ones moral and legitimate.

    Now have this entirely backwards...that 180 degree flip flop thing...and I can demonstrate this from the lessons of history...

    But this would take a long historical explainatoin....and one not covered by today's public school / television and movie education.

  30. watcherchris

    watcherchris Legendary Survivalist

    Blog Posts:

    about this in your previous post...

    Now I have dealt with a great number of Atheists and Humanists and they all post such statements as the epitome of intelligence and logic ...reason.

    It even looks reasonable and logical...but it is dumb for those who know any history or the "Pattern " of history.

    However.....this kind of statement also depends on people not being able to think outside the box of rubbish they have been fed in public educations/a movie and television "Humanists" backed by Atheists or non believers.

    What you have here is a typical predictable bait and switch....a legal fiction....fiction of law.

    The fiction here is that the roots of our government were non the people should remain so.

    This is a fiction.

    The history reads that the government was to stay out of the peoples religion. The government was not to keep the people religiously neutral...but stay out of their religion.

    For it is quite obvious that the people in this country would not have bought anything else but a Christian background...but the Government was to stay out of it...not control and regulate the peoples religion.

    The people themselves were to decide those matters in any and everything to do with their daily lives....even decide the politics to which they would buy into or reject.

    It matters not what the government agencies wanted or was and still is what the public would buy into or accept or reject.

    I have been doing this in dealing with Atheists for a number of years now....Gnostics too...even the Occult...adepts and profane both.

    And I can usually catch them when they resort to this standard pabulum....and trying to pass it off as intelligence ...and wisdom....It is none of these..but to those not capable of can be put over on them almost every time.

    This is how also I know and have learned that politics has today morphed into a religion...a Humanistic religion hell bent on turning on Christian America....and putting people into bondage to 24 carat stupidity.

    This kind of thing ....Texdanm....this kind of pattern recognition is what somehow lead me to taking a different path than what is normally taught to most people.

    This is what lead me to examining the religions of the "East" and how they have altered our history without most being aware of how and why it is being done.

    And it has lead me into a study of "Occult " Into a study of "The Fallen."

    And with this knowledge..I have determined that Politics is taking an "Eastern/Fallen" pattern of operation...and unbeknownst to the knowledge or awareness of most Americans. And Politics finances our public education system and is so this manner ...promoting Eastern/Fallen Patterns in public education as well. They are teaching a religion in public schools..and it is not what most think.
    They are most certainly not teaching Honor...but in it's stead....political/social

    A pattern very much against our founding Fathers and the Document they made so long ago....

    Today they are promoting the "Fallen" pattern of Ishmael and not of Isaac and his seed.

    Watching the time ...I gotta run.

    Thanks for your post,
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