The power of anticipation

Discussion in 'Survival Stories' started by remnant, May 25, 2016.

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    The power of anticipation is a critical and integral aspect of survival. I am very spiritual and dependent on prayers for my survival but that does not negate the need for watchfulness. Wherever I am, I calculate in my subconscious, possible causes of danger and escape pathways and strategies. Am not paranoid but this is a skill one can learn with time. It enables one to live preemptively by eliminating danger when it manifests.
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    I've never done that. I suppose it is true I would be under prepared if anything did go wrong. It might be wise to think of a few escape ideas ahead of time. Better safe than sorry.
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    It's crucial, yes. To develop some awareness of the local prospective threats in order to increase your survival chances when a disaster happens. There are several ways to be prepared without being too paranoid about it. The ideal measure could be building a shelter stocked with unperishable food, access to water and light etc.

    But for most circumstances, you're more than prepared with a first aid knowledge and a medkit . That always comes in handy.
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