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    Povidone-iodine or iodopovidone is supposed to be an antiseptic, to clean and disinfect wounds, and is usually used for skin disinfection. Meanwhile, people also use it to prevent any kind of infections, even on small wounds. It is portable and handy, and is definitely a First-Aid Kit material. My brother, who is a doctor, said that it can be used not only on bleeding wounds, but it actually works on scars, and many weird wounds on your skin. He also used it for his acne, and it somehow works. Have you tried using Povidone-iodine ? What do you think about it ?
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    I have never heard of this kind of iodine; but I do use regular iodine, and I also take Lugol's Iodine, which is a natural way to kill bacteria, yeast, and even viruses. It only takes a few drops per day of the Lugol's Iodine to protect you, and you can put it in juice, or even just drink it with water, although it tastes much better when you put it in a bit of juice.
    If you do not have Lugol's Iodine, another good way to get enough iodine is to take regular medicinal iodine (never ingest this kind of iodine !) and put some on your skin. The iodine will be absorbed into your skin and distributed throughout your body to wherever it is needed.
    The faster it is absorbed, the more your body is deficient in iodine.
    We usually think of iodine as being necessary to prevent a disease called goiter, which comes from hypothyroidism; however, the actual truth is that every single hormone our body makes needs iodine, not just our thyroid. Lack of iodine is one of the reasons that cancer is becoming so prevalent, especially cancers around hormone-producing glands such as ovaries and prostate.
    I believe that having a good supply of iodine is essential, especially if we get to a SHTF situation, and people can't buy antiseptic medicines or even antibiotics.
    There are a lot of great videos on Youtube that will go in depth with information about how iodine is essential to our bodies.
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    I did not know what povidone-iodine was nor did I learn about it in my lectures, so I looked it up, and boy, am I glad. Povidone-iodine is a stronger form of iodine that is longer lasting and is less toxic than chlorhexidine. I learned previously in my lectures that iodine is used as a surgical scrub for doctors. I believe this is the form to which my teacher was referring. I think that's pretty cool. Organic chemistry has so many applications and makes our lives easier in ways that we don't even think about, huh?
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