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  1. Kya Cooper

    Kya Cooper New Member

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    I'm an avid watcher of the series The Walking Dead. I often find myself wondering if a zombie apocalypse was to actually happen, how well and for how long do I believe I could not only keep my family safe, but actually living relatively comfortably. I actually believe if my family and I are already homesteading completely off grid in relative seclusion, that it is definitely something we could survive.
  2. Arkane

    Arkane Master Survivalist

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    Though I know it just ain't possible I can play this game!
    That show is just so stupid none deserve not to get zombified!
    Adopt the right tactics and its easy
    Use the wrong tactics and it is fatal!

    Running away means you must fight another day.
    Do not defend your retreat, defend a perimeter beyond sound distance.
    Use spear, sword and shield and arrows on the perimeter
    Only use guns well beyond the perimeter
    No access points through the perimeter, use ropes etc to lift members over!
    Have false doors around the perimeter.

    Sweep and clear beyond the perimeter as often as possible

    Zombie disposal, burn on big wood fires, remains in big hole!
    30,000 plus remains will fit in an Olympic size pool with space to spare!
  3. Kya Cooper

    Kya Cooper New Member

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  4. Dontavian W Hill

    Dontavian W Hill New Member

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    I often Ponder on what I would do if an apocalypse were to happen.
    I've looked online and talk to friends as well.
    I was surprised and at the same time not surprised that many people had already prepared themselves for if anything like that had happened even the government.
    So if an apocalypse were to happen while I wouldn't see it coming I would always be ready and able to prepare to survive.
    The first thing I do is on myself with light equipment.
    Second thing I would do is assess the situation.
    Sure thing I do depending on the situation is to either hide.
    Or Adventure out and find other like-minded people like myself and form a group.
    And with that group I would assess their abilities tactics and Forte.
    Focusing on building an impregnable Fortress.
    As well as finding food water.
    Fortifying defenses and being responsible for the overall uptake on productivity.
    Because if there's one thing I've learned in order to survive you're going to need people to follow you.
    Or at the very least want people to cooperate with you.
    There is no room for failure and betrayal.
    You must treat them with the same respect that you would want to be treated.
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  5. WildSpirit

    WildSpirit Active Member

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    I've watched a few episodes of this TV show, and I've really tried to like it but it just didn't work out. I started to watch by the indication of some friends who only told me good things about it, so I got curious and decided to give it a chance.

    Honestly, I don't understand the success of this TV show. I can't see anything new in it (it's not bad, but it's just more of the same), mainly because I'm a big fan of George Romero's job so... A TV show that uses a zombie attack as main plot has to be very good to be able to impress me.
  6. CivilDefense

    CivilDefense Expert Member

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    I haven't watched the program, so cannot comment on that. I have seen other zombie films and found some to be a fun diversion. However, they are, naturally, not grounded in any real phenomenon. About the closet things to zombies in contemporary America is the methamphetamine junkies. They behave like a Zed and are just as dangerous.
  7. Bishop

    Bishop Master Survivalist

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    If you would go to a cold weather climate during the winter you could wipe them out do to they would freeze and not be able to move no more zombie in you area.
  8. lonewolf

    lonewolf Legendary Survivalist Staff Member

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    don't need to go or do anything, Zombies are just a figment of a fevered imagination.
  9. BethSztruhar

    BethSztruhar Member

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    That's my favorite show. Sometimes I'm wondering too, what would I do? Could I survive? My answer is yes. If there would be the same kind of apocalypse, then I'm sure we already learned a lot from the series and the games. :D Bonus: I can shoot and I have a machete. I'd just have to learn tracking. I have supplies. I'm ready.
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  10. megaman93

    megaman93 New Member

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    Sometimes, on long drives, I look for defensible buildings or areas in the event of a zombie apocalypse. It's just my way to pass the time a little and maybe prepare for the future... But I think my plan would be to just avoid other people. The biggest mistakes seem to be large gatherings of people... This is it quickly spreads!
  11. GS AutoTech

    GS AutoTech Expert Member

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    As another member said, the zombies sorta represent the hordes of unprepared sheep. To me the show is more about the survivors. How they interact & deal with the apocalypse itself. Learning they must do what's necessary in tactics, scavenging, security, reading & dealing with allies & enemies. The never-ending struggle between humanity & pure survival.
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