The Wigwam.

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    The Wigwam is NOT a Tipi. The Tipi is probably the best primitive shelter ever designed, but it does require animal skins for the covering & for the internal ozan.
    The Wigwam can be covered with tree bark, reeds or canvas, & is relatively easy to construct.
    This is a Wigwam that I built in our forest for my own use.
    Three poles are secured together at one end, this proves the shape for further construction. A hoop is made & tied to the three main poles, then more poles are secured to this hoop. Tree bark or canvas can now be added as a cover, but if you need to use reeds, then you simply add more hoops further down the frame.
    The bed at the back behind the fireplace is made up of rolls of the inner bark that I stripped from the poles. This inner bark was also used to make the cordage in the construction of this shelter.

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