Therapeutic power of touch

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    When someone is grieving after a major loss for example of a loved one or an investment gone up in flames, people offer all sorts of unsolicited advice. Some may worsen the situation by telling you not to worry which doesn't show a depth of understanding for the affected person's situation. What I have discovered is that a comforting and reassuring touch is therapeutic and conveys a subtle comforting message which can't be expressed in a thousand words.
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    We are vulnerable and emotional beings. When we are subjected to a lose, it breaks us down deep into the soul where mere words can hardly touch.

    I don't mean that comforting words are unnecessary, they can play a part if well chosen. If the words are not carefully chosen, they can make a bad situation even worse.

    With a gentle touch or a hug, you can never go wrong. It consoles the innermost of a person as its an expression of love and support.

    This is a feeling we were born with and yearn for it in times of distress. How does a mother console a crying baby who can hardly understand a word?
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    I agree with both of you. Actions speak louder than words. And in a case of emotional meltdown it is definitely important to show emotions by hugging them or gently touching them. I also find just being a good listener can help a person deal with it better as well.
    Only words just do not reach the spot that can calm us down.
    The example of a mother and her baby is very clear and demonstrates how essential it is for us to be cared for in times of stress and emotional pain.
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