Things to Avoid in an Urban Survival Situation

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    There are many of places that you want to avoid in urban areas. This is because they may be toxic or pose a potential threat to your safety. These are places you may want to know and places you may want to avoid. When collecting water stay away from unserviced sewage and water plants because they will be no longer maintained and become dangerous cesspools. When food is a priority stay out of produce and any meat sections in stores for they will most likely be spoiled and unhealthy to consume. Sealed dried foods are okay if they look good but always trust your sense of sight and smell and even taste if it resorts to that.
    Keep as far away from unmaintenanced nuclear power plants in case of a meltdown and potential fallout situations. I suggest even traveling to a different city if one of these plants are located near you. Steer away from large office buildings and highly populated areas in case of people that have been left behind. Other survivors and possibly governments may become hostile in these situations so trust your instinct. Lastly, you should not for any reason go close to any unserviced funeral homes for obvious reasons.
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