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    Building a permanent shelter is something that nobody really hopes they ever have to do. In the situation where you have to build a permanent shelter, you should think of a few things, though. Some of the things you're going to think of is the materials you are going to use, the functionality of what purpose your shelter is going to serve, and if your shelter is in an area that is safe from things such as falling tree branches, rocks, and flash flood proned area.

    By taking these simple things into consideration, it will help you to better solidify a plan to construct a permanent shelter that will fit and service the purpose and needs in which you require. A permanent shelter can often have luxuries such as running water and indoor heat when they are pre-planned into the building of your shelter.

    Simple irrigation using upcycled tubes, piping, or even trees cut in half and then bored out can be used to pipe water from a source into and out of your shelter. Building fireplaces into your shelter along with heat vents attached to them can not only keep you warm, but they can help to keep you dry too. When you build a permanent shelter the planning and steps you take before you start building will help to determine the quality and outcome of the end project.
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    Anouther tthing to remember is the prevailing wind a sheltser place wrong will be problematic if prevailing wind is not consider in the placement and build design of your shelter
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    Great point.
    I live about an hour north of a nuclear power plant and it's a concern should
    there be an accident.
    However prevailing winds are away from where I live.
    That's a good thing.
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    Dude.. a... nuclear.. plant? But do you feel safe though thinking that it's an hour away from you? What if SHTF events happen? (I hope they don't happen.) May I ask where it is located and who owns it?
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