Things You Can Eat in the Wild

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    When you are lost and up the river without a paddle, you have to take advantage of anything available to eat. Most areas are full of natural food, such as plants and insects. The food sources you can use depend on the habitat you are in. Change up your diet and be sure you get the appropriate amounts of everything your body requires. These include proteins, carbohydrates, fats, minerals and vitamins. Without the key foods, your body will grow weak.

    Meat and fish are great sources of protein and fat and provide basically everything a wild man would need. However, in a sudden survival situation, plants are great for your diet as plants are easily obtainable and contain all of the necessary carbohydrates you may need.From clovers and dandelions all the way to wild berries if you look hard enough you shall find edible plants aplenty. Your most critical nutritional needs in a survival situation are fat and proteins though they are also sometimes the hardest to come by if you do not have an open mind. Most bugs are rich in both. Turn off your taboo feels against eating insects. Edible bugs are a good survival food.If you are near a river or stream, fishing can be an important alternative to obtaining food as well. You can spear fish or use netting as well as a hook and line; if you have the supplies use them. Hunting is a good option, but it is also a difficult task unless you have the right tools. Hunting will also cause you to use an excessive amount of energy in comparison to other methods of obtaining wild game. Instead of hunting contemplate if trapping is an option. Trapping requires fewer skills and leaves you free to spend time searching, foraging and gathering.


    Bird eggs are another food that can typically be found in the wild. Eggs are very high in nutritional value as well as safe to consume. Bird eggs can be boiled or cooked over a fire. The first place to look for them is in a birds nest of course. However, not all birds build a nest. Instead, they lay their eggs in a hole on the ground or plainly on the ground. Note it is against the law in most places to eat bird eggs though unless you are truly in a life or death survival situation.
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    I am learning so much from this site. I might not starve to death after all.
    We have a red bird nesting under our porch right now I am not going to look at those eggs the same.
    No I am not going to eat them right now but still it is nice to know being in the woods more advantages than I knew.
    I have a question is it safe to eat meat out of season? Like rabbit deer or squirrel?
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    My husband is a veteran scout who has lots of experience in camping. He could identify edible plants in the mountains. One time in a leisure camping trip, he gathered some edible berries for me to sample. The yellow ones, as small as marbles, are actually dwarf passion fruit. But the black berries looking the size of bb gun ammo have a tangy taste but still good enough to deaden hunger.

    What I enjoyed was the wild root crop similar to taro. It is called "tugi" which has brown skin and white flesh which is boiled and tasted like sweet potato. My husband said that they used to broil that during his camping days using big stones for the stove and dried wood for fuel. He is more enamoured with plants than animals and insects when it comes to food because he is also afraid of some insect like the beetle and spiders.
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