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    I am specifically addressing those who profess the Christian faith. The rich man and Lazarus in Luke 16:23 story is not a parable. Its history. As we speak Lazarus is in Heaven and exceedingly few are joining him. The rich man is in Hell since those days and countless are joining him every second. And of course Moses is quoted to have been no earth then.
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    You're right, it's something that really happened. I know that as a Christian, we are supposed to spread the word. More so today than anytime in history, cause he's coming anytime! The problem is nobody wants to hear it, you speak the word God, and it's like the demon comes out in people. We can only warn them, we can't make them believe. And then I think that only God's people have the spiritual eyes to see and the ears to hear. Maybe they just can't accept it. I don't know, but I am really scared for these people, even for myself. I feel so unworthy that I'm afraid I'm not going to make it. Hell is an undescribeable horror that lasts for eternity. You don't come out of there, ever. All you have to do is accept Jesus and repent. God requires a sacrifice for sin, He is Holy, He made a way for us through Jesus Christ, anyone who refuses to accept this free gift brings damnation on themselves. No hateful replies please, I will ignore them.
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    I deserve hell and damnation. God would be perfectly just and righteous in sending me there.

    Why He would put His Word on my lips and in my heart is a mystery to me....for I am one of the last persons for whom he would choose.

    There was a time when I, as do so many, walked in the flesh and rejoiced in it....but for some reason I was turned and went the other way. It could not have been my doing. I suppose that is a type of miracle, considering the walk in and of this world, in which I used to take pride.

    I do not worry so much about those who cannot see, hear, and understand. For if He wants them ..He will awaken them and also pluck them out of this world and the god of this world....and make of them what He will...and for His purposes. IF He wants them to carry His name on their lips ...he will awaken them ...cover them with His Blood,,,and again for His purposes....He will make them acceptable before Him.


    Not an Ishmaelite.
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    I don't believe in the idea of a Christian Hell that an angry belligerent and vengeful god would send you to. I do not worship out of fear. Jesus of Nazareth talk about a loving god and so for me to believe in that kind of hell would either make the teachings of Jesus a lie or god as a lesser being than me and unfit for worship. That is why I'm a Jesuit Pagan rather than a Christian. I believe in one god as described by Jesus and see Jesus as an elder brother and son of god as all people are. Love rather than fear is at the root of my belief.

    If there is a Christian type hell that people are sent to revengefully I gladly accept that as my fate. I actually can foresee something sort of like hells but it will be where some people myself possibly included go because they can't forgive themselves. In this sort of hell Jesus will be the Prince of Darkness. Where else would he be but where people were suffering and needed him. I can forgive any person any crime no matter how vile as long as they are truly repentant and not just sorry that they got caught. We all mess up and some of us did a lot worse than others. I will forgive you and if someone HAS to go to hell for your sins I will go in your place happily. I'm not worried though. My faith is based on love and a God that is better than me, not worse less forgiving or meaner.

    There the Reverend Dan has outed himself.
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    God can be one nasty grizzly bear. The prophets will cut you more slack, sometimes your ancestors, also. I know for a fact that one's ancestors help -- they've come to me in dreams and shown me future events. Once I was shone a future event, told my mom, then it was in the newspaper a week later. My mom about passed out when I showed her the Saturday local news.

    Now if I could just get them to fill me in on which horses were going to place in which race.
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    There is a lot of ignorance about Christianity among Christians themselves. What I find interesting is that there is also a lot of ignorance about Christianity among Pagans...and many Christians are so ignorant they themselves do not even catch it. It ought not be this way.

    The idea and teaching that God is sovereign and we are subject. God is just as hard on His people when they are disobedient as He is on those who were not His people. what we have across this globe when we read the history of natural men. Throughout history...we see variations of Feudalism in one nation after another. Most of these nations had as part of their government system...a variation of Paganism..Supporting a feudal type of government...absolute the hands of men. Church and state bed with each other.

    One of the most violent governments in the last 100 plus years have been the Communist Atheist governments engaged heavily in "Democide." The killing of their own logic the intellect of men.
    This in Soviet Russia and also in Communist China in particular. The mass killing off of their own people...death by government...hell on earth. This is seldom taught to Americans and for good reason. We are to be ignorant of this history for when it arrives here on these shores. When they decide to bring church and state back as one ..under a secular religion. We are not to be able to recognize nor measure this as a "fallen " fingerprint...of men ..natural men.

    The teaching goes that God loves His People...those he chose..not loves everyone.

    In their ignorance ...people ...including many Christians ...try to put the concealed hidden pagan doctrine onto Christianity..that God loves everyone.

    "Jacob have I loved and Esau have I hated...even before they were born ..neither having done any good or evil that the purpose of God according to election might stand."

    When Non believers bring this up about God loving silences most Christians........not me. Christians can be some kind of dumb and I believe their ministers prefer to keep them that way.

    Christians are to be the Salt of the earth...not the sugar.

    That is not to say that Christians ought not to be meek and mild..they should....but when needed they are to be Salty.
    For Salt is what holds back corruption ..not sugar.

    Hell is what men do when left to their natural abilities...what men do on their own...without God's blessings.

    This is called Natural Man....fallen man.

    Variations of Hell are what you see in most nations and throughout the history of men.
    A few had a little and the rest had almost nothing...royalty and state combined.....or in modern times of science...GFW Hegel...."The State is god."

    My .02
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    I think part of my problem is that I dug too deep into Christianity and in the end found it to be lacking in that it just didn't touch my heart. Did you know that the Catholic Church declared Jesus to be a heretic. The same is true of Peter. that is why there is no book of Jesus in the Bible and no book written by Peter allowed. The book we think of as Peter is about the acts of Peter and not him writing. Basically out of the 13 men and two women most involved in the life of Jesus only the limited words of 4 were allowed into the Bible and all other books were declared to be heretical.

    Jesus was crucified first by the Jews and then again later by the Christians when they denied his humanity. Understand, when you take away his humanity he did nothing that I would find surprising for a God and little worth admiring. A god cannot suffer, a god cannot be afraid and a god can't be killed. Jesus was a man that offered people a new understanding about god and the relationship that you could have with that which is greater than human.

    He was killed because he told people that you didn't have to pay a priest to talk to god for you. You could go to him yourself. The Catholic church did it again for the same reason. Hey you can't expect a priest to have to WORK. They basically make a great living blackmailing people into supporting them. Like anyone in a protection racket they have to make an example of anyone that tries to resist. The lord's prayer starts with OUR Father not MY father and for sure not THE PRIEST'S or CHURCH'S father . THAT was what he wanted us to know.

    Most of Christianity is based on the idea that god either died or turned his back on people 2000 years ago and hasn't said or done anything worth mention since. I am afraid that I believe in a living faith and not a dead one. All too often the Bible is used as a blinding mask to keep people from seeing that god isn't dead and is still moving in this world.

    The protestant movement moved somewhat away from so many of the wrongs and atrocities of the Catholic Church but by keeping the Bible as the only acceptable word of god they limited themselves to being little more than a shadow of the Catholic belief system. I'm not very fond of Paul. I see him as Saul the deceiver and it is him rather than Jesus who is the true foundation of the Christian church.

    My Dad was a Lay Minister and I was raised in a very religious home. I was taught that god was alive and that it was each person's right and responsibility to seek and develop a personal relationship with that which is above all else. Ask, Seek and Find. I found my way and where I differ from most is in the fact that my truth isn't something that I feel a need to force on others.

    For my tastes the Christian god is much to humanlike. I don't think that you can anthropomorphise something that has so little in common with humanity. Lots of questions... I keep asking and most amazing is that I keep getting answers. Life is a learning experience. Love is a power that can free you while hate ties you down.

    I just have never been able to find anything in the teachings of Jesus to explain all the hatred and judgmentalism that seems so much a part of christianity. Over and over Jesus told us to love and not to judge and yet that is what Christianity seems to be all about. Basically I've been told that I'm going to hell by almost every Christian group that I've met. Generally it is because I'm not a member and giving money to their church and not because of my actions or beliefs. The second that happens I know that these people are not followers of Jesus and there is no place there for me.

    I don't need my god to be a mean unforgiving SOB. I have a world full of people to cover that for me.

    Christians may indeed be the salt of the Earth. Google "Salting the Earth"...
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    Yeah TexDanm,

    I came to Christianity rather late in my life. We were not raised in a particularly religious house. My parents were not religious at all and did not teach us much in this area.

    I have learned to be very careful about what touches my heart. Many times in my life when I went with what touches my turned out to be not good for me over the long run.

    This is one area or arena where I catch many ministers. It is not what touches our heart..but how God touches our heart and do we know or are we able to discern the very nature of the spirit which is touching our heart...spirit ...or Spirit??

    I try to be very careful as to what touches my heart...if it is in and of this world..or is it in and of Him.

    This is why and how I came into the knowledge of Counterfeits....occult counterfeits. It was not intended but something which came out of certain knowledge of patterns in the Bible..and then contrasted with the patterns of this world and the god of this world.

    Knowledge of the Occult religions brought to me certain recognizable patterns in public education and public education financed by a devout and zealous Occult Religion called Politics. Which in itself led me to another devout and zealous religion called THE Media...the MSM. And it also led me to take a close look at what passes for churches particular Christian Churches and what they were verily teaching to their flocks. Some of these Churches were themselves put into the Occult category...under Occult Religions.

    Now this TexDanm...I find very interesting....and I will comment on it...with what limited knowledge I possess.

    First mention the Catholic Church. I do not put much stock in the Roman Catholic Church being Christian.

    I just know to much history to be able to believe that they represent all of Christianity by Default.

    This Default setting is what one predictably gets whenever you read an article in Time Magazine on Christianity.
    Time Magazine goes automatically and predictably to the Roman Catholic Church as being a default setting to represent all of Christianity and they think no one out here notices it.

    There is no such instruction in the Word for a church to carry out an Inquisition or a Crusade.

    An Inquisition is the same thing as "Democide." The killing of your own people. This knowledge requires that you first know of the existence of "Democide" and second ..that you can think outside the box of most of what passes for public education today.

    The Christian Doctrine and teaching is to come out from amongst them and be ye separate sayeth the Lord....and touch not the unclean thing.

    It is not beat them up, threaten them, burn them at the stake or just plain olde kill them if they disagree..
    The Christian Doctrine is to separate from them.

    This is how I know what the Catholic Church is. I also know that the Society of Jesus..the Jesuits were working closely with the Sandinista Government in Nicaragua not long ago ..and in direct disobedience to church doctrine...working with Communist Socialists and carrying out Democide in that nation....and also spilling it over to other nations...near by.

    Once you know this pattern and are well grounded in it you can begin to spot certain counterfeits around us and counterfeits often used/misused by governments. And the Catholic Church put the crowns on the heads of governments throughout Europe for many centuries.

    The Church at Rome does not represent Christianity automatically by default...though many try to carry on as if it was so.
    It is not so.

    If they lied and deceived about The Romanish Church...what did they lie and deceive about the Word itself ????

    I should also tell you that I do not put a lot of stake in peoples humanity nor the Humanity of governments.

    I simply know to much about historical human nature ...and particularly in governments when profits are involved.

    I do not define myself by my humanity.

    A Christian defines themselves by the God who lives in them 24/7...first and foremost. Not their human qualities.

    This is why they do not want any Bible in public schools...because only one person making this connection away from humanity would be one to many.

    I do not put a lot of stock in humanity nor my human characteristics. It is my way,.

    By the way TexDanm,

    This.......from two posts up by you in this thread... you travel to the East...up seven steps??? And do you even know about what I am speaking??

    Oh...and I realized this about you from the beginnings of our communications ...;that you had more of a human pagan the tone of your posts..what was missing from them. No problem by me...I just realized this after a few posts. I do this often with people around me and do not take offense with them....once I realize what is the nature of what it is with which I am dealing.

    In Christianity of the scams often promoted by many ministers is the Love Love Love everyone...all the time. Don't judge...don't think...just love love love.

    What stupidity by ministers who ought to know better for their flocks.,

    We are to judge righteous judgement....not our own heart but righteous judgement...His Judgements...not ours per se.
    Otherwise no Christian would know when to put out of the flock.

    Not judging is one of the stupidest stupids to be foisted off on Christians. And this comes from Occult Paganism...masquerading as Christian when it is in fact a counterfeit. And many Christian Ministers are teaching counterfeit doctrine and passing it off as Christian when it is in fact no such thing.

    This is the same pattern which happened to the Children of Israel....wherein their leadership...rabbis...overlaid counterfeit doctrine on top of the Law of Moses and passed it off as the Law of Moses when in fact is was no such thing. the reason they killed Jesus in the flesh ..because he threatened to expose them, the Jewish Rabbi's, for the frauds they were and still are today. I can expand on this unto todays very history taking place but this will suffice for now.

    Jesus was judging them and found them wanting..and of their father the devil.

    And furthermore...many Christian Churches of today are doing exactly the abominations which the Hebrew Leadership were doing back some 2000 plus years ago. Not changed.
    They are overlaying the traditions of men...human qualities and thinking ...onto the Word as if this was Gods Word and Way..when it is not and never was.
    This kind of thing often goes by the name Whoredom......spiritual whoredom leading to physical whoredom.

    Once you know can see our own leadership today following this same pattern in order to glory in their human qualities..not to Glory in God.

    You must Judge in order to know when and why to come out from amongst them and be ye separate.

    Some times Christians can be some stupid stupid people...and I believe many of their ministers want to keep them so.

    However ...many pagans get away with this stupid on their parts because many Christians are even more stupid than the pagans. Astonishing but true.

    For now...let me stating that I don't put much stock in my Human qualities...nor anyone else's per se...I recognize them ..but I look for other tell tales of more importance than ones human qualities.

    Thanks for your post,


    Not an Ishmaelite
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    "Paganism is a term that developed among the Christian community of southern Europe during late antiquity to describe religions other than their own, Judaism, or Islam–the three Abrahamic religions. Throughout Christendom, it continued to be used, typically in a derogatory sense." I can accept that.

    I have just never found what I needed in any of the three "it's my way or the highway" type faiths. They have too many set in stone answers and too few answers to so many questions that they don't want to hear or consider. Whether you are Catholic, Baptist, Methodist, Pentecostal or Presbyterian your belief system is formed and based on the Bible which is totally a Catholic built document. The books were picked and chosen from thousands to form a specific perspective. It isn't what is in it that I eventually found troublesome rather what was not allowed that was telling.

    The four gospels are only a part of the story and very possibly a lesser part. Over the years bit and pieces can be found but more than anything else over the years once I opened my mind to other thoughts I began to find things that made sense to me. What I found was that god isn't hiding in a book nor did he shun the human race 2000 years ago. You don't need the permission of a priest to talk to him or hunt him in cathedrals. He isn't even actually a he. God is everywhere but most especially he is inside each of us and in every grain of sand.

    I have no problem with any others faith. What little trouble that I do have is mostly with the organization and the upper levels and not in the pews with a few exceptions. I know too many truly good people of all faiths to believe that the problem is in that faith. Rather it is in some of the people and most often found in their leadership.
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    I too am not big into the organizational aspect of any religion. I am pretty much a loner in many things. A lobo if you like.

    I do not need a priest as in intermediator...but only a good well grounded minister as a teacher. They are few and far between as far as I am concerned.

    Judiasm has it's Talmuds..or rules for getting around the rules if you know how that kind of thing works.

    The Christians have their Talmuds too...commentaries..rules for getting around the rules...Matthew Henry's commentaries is just such an example.

    The story of the woman caught in Adultery in the very a classic example of a Talmud or rules to get around the rules. You can get around the rules but you must follow these other rules to get around the rules...much like our Congress.
    They caught a woman in adultery the very act..and brought her before Jesus. But they did not tell the whole story...neither do many ministers today tell the whole story as well. You cannot catch a woman in adultery, in the very act, without catching a man. But they brought only the woman. The Law of Moses said they both shall be stoned. But they brought only the woman...they did not bring the man. The law or rule they were keeping was that women get stoned for adultery and men do not. That was not the Law given to Moses. The Hebrew leadership has privily substituted another law and another this rule keeping ...a counterfeit system and a counterfeit god. You see.

    It is simple once it is explained to you and you recognize it for what it is.

    And this counterfeiting continues today...right in front of us.

    Islam has a set of rules for insiders and a set for outsiders. So too Roman Catholicism...

    A Roman Catholic can be treated different from a non Roman Catholic. A Muslim different from a non Muslim.

    A Non Jew different from a Jew. In Mormonism a Saint different from a Non Saint.

    Once you know the pattern will recognize it often around you.

    This is an organized system of counterfeits. This is different from "Come out from amongst them and be ye separate."

    I too do not think God is hiding in a book. His book is only for our instruction...our knowledge and benefit.

    I too do not have a problem with other peoples faith provided they leave me alone. I can debate..but some desire to take it much further than that and we see the fruit of this taking place around the world today...and it is coming here rapidly now to America.

    Christianity is much like the women you never just left them where they are at. I don't browbeat others with it.

    For the doctrine of which I know indicates that all deserve hell and damnation...including Christians. We have no doings on who gets saved or not.....nor does any Priest, preacher, or minister. It is not up to them nor how much you put in the box. None of that gets one saved. Christians have nothing on their own for which to glory.

    This is why I do not keep any holidays...nor birthdays...for these are all Pagan customs. All days belong to Him..not to me.
    I have no interest in day keeping per se. I don't think God would be honored or glorified by a sale down at the local Macy's or Target.

    What a disgusting pitiful thought.

    The custom of the times was to bring gifts before a King. We are not Kings. This is another counterfeit..practice foisted onto people who know little history nor their Bible. Astonishing but true.

    Not far from me about 30 miles north west is the Jamestown settlement of 1607 fame and also Colonial Williamsburg...of Pre United States times. Colonial Williamsburg has been restored into a tourist type place....and you can learn a lot of pre United States history and customs between these two locations.

    One of the very very ignorant local news reporters asked the Colonial Williamsburg historians how the early colonialists decorated their homes for Xmas.

    I had to bust out laughing at how gullible and ignorant many people in fact are.

    The historian stated that they do not have any historical records of how the early colonialists decorated their homes.....but.....we think they would have decorated like this.............and proceeded to demonstrate.

    The truth is that there are no records of how the colonialists decorated..because they did not celebrate xmas.

    It did not become a holiday in this state until somewhere around 1830 to 1840. Each state it became a holiday in different years. This information can be found in certain books as to the year each state made it a holiday.

    This is how they lie and deceive you for profit...put you on the treadmill....and the ministers are in on the lie and deception. It is another counterfeit.

    But I don't tell another what to do with their time and monies.
    But once I found out the truth about these counterfeits I began to back out of them go the other way. I became very choosy about the ministers to whom I listen.....mostly on cassette or DVD over the years.

    And these ministers are mostly autodidacts...self taught..not by way of Bible Colleges where many bury the Word.
    By the way ..these Bible colleges wherein they bury the Word...mislead, deceive, and counterfeit.......they are also Ishmael...and not of Isaac. They work to turn out Ishmaelites trained in the counterfeits.

    Well..I hope you get the idea about occult counterfeits. Where the Truth is hidden and deliberately concealed from us.

    Well...enough of that.

    I gotta get ready ...taking a lady to seafood dinner get ready now.

    Thanks for your time and posts,


    Not an Ishmaelite.
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    I am a pagan, I follow all things natural and nature, I have no time for organised religion, wife and I both went to roman catholic schools which is probably why we are both pagans now.
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    Yeah lonewolf,

    On my Dad's side they are Hawaiian...Philippinos....raised Roman Catholic. But for some reason my Dad was not big on taking us to church. I never got into The Word until late in my life. But I did study a lot of history....and read. But not The Word...until late in my life.

    Had I been raised in the Roman Church I would probably have your reaction too.

    I'll give the Roman Catholic Church credit for one thing around here. They run a hospital much better than the secular run hospitals around here. They run a tight ship.


    I've been giving more thought to this you in one of your previous posts...

    There is a dogma...a doctrine pushed in particular in public schools...and other places...

    This dogma states..."all religions are the same religion and all gods are the same god."

    This is one of those feel good love love love doctrines....which once you know the history doesn't make good nonsense.

    It comes from a very olde pagan doctrine and dogma...known as Occult Luciferianism....highly organized and very hidden and affluent in certain circles.

    The upper levels of our government are full of these people...practicing and under oath to this concealed religion.
    Public education is full of them and their dogma...tolerating any religion and practice but Christianity.
    This is very telling once you know and are familiar with the pattern of operation.

    What you notice in this 180 degree demonic flip flop...via this brand of Occult Luciferianism...infiltrating our public school systems through colleges these Snowflakes.

    They demand tolerance to the point of stupidity ...while giving none themselves. It is quite a performance until you realize what you are watching and observing.

    Antifa and BLM are another fruit of this 180 degree demonic flip flop. Violence....bullying and intimidation.

    Theses are examples of the fruit produced by the promoting the organized religion of Occult Luciferianism hidden and concealed in our government sponsored institutions. A type of organized madness hell bent on "Herding" the rest of us.

    This religion has run amok on the Continent of Europe and now in the UK as well. It is working it's way through Australia and New Zealand as well and will cause massive chaos in these nations before it does similar here.

    These nations are rapidly doing a 180 degree flip flop in everything for which their predecessors worked and taught..and in time these nations will be no more.
    And this is being done by a design..;a plan. And it will be done here in the states over time.

    What the leadership is doing to their people in these countries is putting them in second, third, and fourth place in their own country. This too is a tell tale of this other religion at work.

    Someone is working very hard on this same pattern here in America.

    This is why many do not like Trump and Company....for they are pushing America First...not this Occult Luciferian world class religion and dogma. This is why they are trying very hard to get rid of him for he is a threat to this other system in play...these other plans for America...these Occult Luciferian devout and zealous religious plans.

    In the mean time we are being distracted from this by sports and the Kardashian mindset...per se...Amusements...not thinking.

    Thanks to all for their posts,
  13. TexDanm

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    Cake and Circuses have always been a common practice for governments that want its people distracted.

    One of the funny things about Christianity is that it is actually an amalgam of a rather obscure Jewish sect and pagan beliefs. Constantine had a problem in that his kingdom was divided between two very different faiths. To bring peace to his people he basically created a new faith from bits and pieces from both. The pagan pantheon of gods and lesser gods was replicated into the Catholic deification of Jesus and Mary and then the many saints. In many cases the name of the "saint" is the same as the name of the pagan deity that previously had overseen the same area.

    Lucifer for example...Lucifer means light giver and is basically just another name for Prometheus. Look him up. In Greek mythology he was a trickster that created man from clay and then defied Zeus and gave him the knowledge of fire. For this he was cast out and punished in a most horrific fashion.

    Easter comes from a goddess of fertility and spring celebration called Eastre which is a name and also the old word for spring. Christmas is basically a celebration of the winter Solstice and the day of worship was moved from the Sabbath (Saturday) to the more pagan SUNday.

    The thing is that people have certain needs that they look for in a Deity and the Christian Faith had done a remarkable job of fulfilling those needs. Understand, basically regardless of their origins all Faiths are man made because that is just the nature of the beast. Even when people are told by their god to do a certain thing or not to do a certain thing that is what they immediately mess up. The Bible is just full of these stories. In the end reguardless of what a god says people end up doing what they want.
  14. watcherchris

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    You are doing that for which I was speaking in an earlier post. That the Catholic Church in Rome is the template for all Christianity.

    Here is something for which most Christians do not know...and it ought not to be this way...but it is..,,and it is ignorance on their part.

    At the Council of Nicaea ..the founding of what today we call Romcan Catholic Church....there were groups not in attendance and not invited.

    These groups founded Churches not affiliated with Rome...and are still here today. And many of these small churches are not big on organization and furthermore teach their flocks history....both of the Church... and of the Occult Luciferian religions as well. This is something for which most churches today avoid...teaching this history. They are sugary and not salty. And Believers ought not to be thusly and of these things ignorant.

    What these Christian Churches also heavily teach is the Olde Testament and the New Testament. In particular the part about not being under Olde Testament Bondage....which is what Rome is...a type of bondage..

    You can take your pick under Rome or the you want Romanish Talmudic Hellenic Phariseeism...or Judiac Talmudic Phariseeism.

    What both of these are not Christian.

    This is where much of Christianity has failed their flocks and left them both ignorant and floundering to false/fake default settings and thinking.

    This makes it possible for folks with your type of knowledge to get over on them ..and as I say....Christians ought not to be so ignorant...sad but true.

    Lucifer is a name known extensively in Occult religions. Lucifer and Luciferianism is, by the adepts, considered a much more sophisticated and refined religion than Satanism. Satinism is considered by Occult Luciferians to be kindergarten verses the PHDs.

    This falls under the heading of Eastern Religions...once you know the pattern.

    This is the origins of the question I asked you earlier...

    "Have you been to the East...up seven steps?"

    This is a phrase..a watchword for which adepts under oath will ask each other as a form of recognition not known by most outsiders...non adepts. This is verbal...recognition...there is also non verbal recognition.

    In non verbal recognition I have seen this done in courts...and a case can turn around and go the other way ...rapidly once the non verbal signals are given without most people...non adepts ...knowing what is happening or going on.

    That 180 degree demonic flip flop of which I sometimes refer.

    And as an aside to this ...the Constitution of the United States requires fairness and impartiality. But these adepts have taken an oath in secret to come to each others aid when called secret. They have taken an oath to be unfair and partial...even the secret unknown by most of the public that this even exists.

    A Talmudic set of rules overlaid secretly onto the Constitution of the United States as if it was the same As the Constitution of the United States when it is no such thing.

    Exactly what the Hebrews were doing with the Law of Moses.

    The various forms under which the Luciferian religion travels across this globe in history can be followed if one is taught and knows how to read the history. But there are very few teachers who can demonstrate this hidden and concealed history.

    As they themselves state in their own writings..."I shall ever conceal and never reveal."

    This is diametrically opposed to what is in the Word...often called the Revealed Word.

    The god king doctrines of feudalism are an offshoot of this continuing Luciferian Religion which kept people poor and backwards for most of recorded history. A god we can see....god with us...physical god Emperors and Kings...Royalty.

    Most of the wars on this globe have been one Luciferian Royal group fighting another Luciferian Royal Group....without most of the people catching on because they do not know this history.

    And they are teaching this other religion in our school systems today....heavily.

    Wow!! Easter...Ishtar...Istar"s day. I do not celebrate this day...nor any others. I will not be celebrating the coming well. To me all days are His days. We are not to carry on in self glorification practices. Practices glorifying our "Humanity" our "Human " qualities...but the God who lives in us daily.

    I am very well aware of the connection with the winter solstice...the shortest day of the year....three days in the grave and the sun god is raised and resurrected in the newness of life the strong grip of the lion...on the 24th/25th December.

    All Days belong to God...24/7 and are not subject to "The Traditions of men." ....phariseeism.

    Unknown to many Christians ..phariseeism is still with us today...and often hiding and concealing it's traditions inside if it was Christian and it is no such thing.
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  15. watcherchris

    watcherchris Legendary Survivalist

    Blog Posts:

    Now this TexDanm....looks very reasonable it is not once you know....

    All but one TexDanm...all but one...and this is historically demonstrable.

    What you are parroting out is the standard M1A public school Occult Luciferian dogma which states "All religions are the same religion and all gods are the same god."

    The historical demonstration of this ...the demonstration which is totally avoided by public school education that only a handful of nations in history have ever escaped the grinding poverty which has been recorded as history almost from the beginning of writings...history.

    These nations are North Germany, England, and the United States. These are the nations which broke away from Roman Catholic religious domination..from Roman Pharisee bondage.

    And the interesting thing about this that once these nations begin to progress in their standard of living...they went on to export this to other nations who did not on their own ...have this capability.

    And we see the fruit of this progress or conversely non progress ..anywhere we go in the world. For most of the was imported from these handful of nations which broke away from Romanish domination...from Occult Luciferian domination.

    This Occult Luciferian domination is also what the Obama Administration tried to spread all across this nation...and we saw the economic fruit born by this hidden and concealed Occult Luciferian Religion.....economic deadness and inertness.

    I knew this about the Obama Administration almost from the beginning some 8 plus years ago.

    The struggles you see going on right now in the news...about our government doings against Trump and an attempt to bring back the power and control of these Occult Luciferian patterns over the people of this nation....bondage..economic bondage....involuntary servitude..."Herding."

    Thinking Americans do not like or want to be "Herded" by government or anyone else. They want to be left alone to enjoy the fruits of their labor.

    And within the Christian Religion is the seed of this Liberty and Freedom. It always has been there. This is why our school systems are teaching Secularism....for secularism is an attempt to break the Christaian roots and understanding of our people ...and allowing us to be "Herded." To get us on to anything ..and I mean ...anything but Christianity.

    Islam is a form of bondage....involuntary and state combined...the same as Roman and state combined when allowed to run it's course as natural men. You do not see any technological progress coming out of Islamic nations. Outside of Oil...there is little coming out of these nations. Their know how in the oil business comes mostly from Western nations...not from within Islam. That is an important key to understanding all religions are not the same religion and all gods are not the same god.

    The phony lying deceitful media and public education today, backed by a lying and deceitful government financing and backing them, tries to put everything off in progress as racism....race race race and more race.

    This is easily demonstratable to be a demonic lie and a counterfeit...belief system because there was little to no economic progress in Caucasian Russia until well inito the 20 century. Even today do not see high tech goods coming out of Russia to be sold on the open marketplaces. Tools...computers,...cell ...etc etc. And Russia is lead by mostly white people.

    This is how you spot a Luciferian doctrine at a lie and a counterfeit. And I mean here in America ..not just in Russia.

    Well....enough of that for now. As you can tell...I can go on and on in this.

    What you are stating sounds logical and reasonable..but against the entire backdrop of history does not hold up once you know and are able to think past the M1A secular counterfeit pattern taught to most.
    Most of us have never known nor been taught and it is not accidental..but deliberate omission from our knowledge of history.

    Gotta run....things to get done here to stage up for the weekend.


    Not an Ishmaelite
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  16. TexDanm

    TexDanm Shadow Dancer

    Blog Posts:
    Which one??? You can't possibly be referring to Christianity it was totally a creation of Cotinine. It is actually pretty funny. He sent his Mother down to the holy lands where she just walked around picking up holy trinkets like pieces of the true cross and stuff that was still sort of laying around for 400 years. Then the Bible was a carfully picked and chosen group of books and letters that totally ignored any direct writings from Jesus.

    My religious education is from a lifetime of asking questions and seeking answers. I've read the holy books of many faiths and talked to people of every different faith that I could find from all of the Christian faiths through the various Jewish and Islamic faiths and even delved into the so called Occult belief systems including Wiccan witches and Satanic Worshipers. Strangely the most obviously evil group that I found was a group of "Christian" born again holy rollers that were led by a defrocked Catholic Priest and a just plain evil conman. On the outside their thing was all about love but they used the love to draw in the unloved and then controlled them totally. Think JIM JONES type set up.

    This type of discussion is good and should never be Explosive. I learn more from people that have beliefs other then mine than I ever would have sitting in one church hearing the same message over and over and gloating in the certainty that I'm a part of the only possible right church. People get upset when they feel threatened. How can a different opinion threaten you if you truly believe and have faith in your belief??? History is past and dead and basically all we have is the OPINIONS of people about what happened in the past rather than facts and the truth.

    One reason that I never have a problem with other people's beliefs is that I accept that there are as many possible paths as there are people and in the end we all are going in the same or at least similar directions even if at times it looks like we are not. I have great respect for people's honest and devout faith and in that I find many truths.

    I don't believe in Hell, or demons or the Devil/Lucifer/an Evil God. If you find comfort and inspiration in worshiping a giant cabbage I am happy for you. I met a copse of pine trees that taught me a lot one time about love and working together. I have never found evil in any faith only in the PEOPLE that used that faith for an excuse to act evil.
  17. watcherchris

    watcherchris Legendary Survivalist

    Blog Posts:

    I think you mean here Constantine...not Continine. I agree is funny. And also ironic once you know the history.

    There were churches ..faithful churches long before 325 AD when Constantine founded the Roman Catholilc Church. They did not just stop and join the Catholic Flock. They did not just disappear.
    Again the default setting out of ignorance of many is that Christianity did not happen until Constantine. This is not true.
    Not only that ...there were Christian churches were in existence before 325 AD and many of the decedents of these churches not affiliated with Rome are still here. Not only that ...they are not affiliated with the Lutherans..nor the Anglicans or others.
    They are the Independent churches and are still here today.

    You seem to have great difficulty with this concept....but have bought into the concept that the Church at Rome is the default and thus represents all of Christianity. It does not.

    It is these Independent Churches which Rome was looking for and burning at the stake in the Inquisition.

    Not only was the Church at Rome Killing these independents but so too did certain groups in the Lutheran Churches and so too the Anglicans. You can find this information in John Fox and his Book of Martyrs.

    We know this is true because the Quakers fled England because of the Anglican Church persecutions and landed at Plymouth Rock in Massachusetts. These persecuted Churches fled here looking for religious freedom.

    And while we are at it....these Independent Churches not affiliated with Rome...did not use the Roman Bibles...the Duray Rheims...nor the Septuigant, nor the ,Codex Sinaiticus , nor the Codex Vaticanus...and others which have their pedigree from the Hellenic Greek texts from Alexandria Egypt...and their colleges.

    They use a Bible which has it's origins in the Masoretic Hebrew for the Olde Testament and the Koine Greek text from the New Testament. This Bible is in existence today and is called The King James Version...or AV 1611.

    What you are doing by constantly going back to the Church at Rome to make your points is predictable and even to a point ironic to me..even laughable.

    It is laughable to me in like manner to how so many Atheists today ...are anti the point of trying to stop Christmas in public life. I find this very very funny and ironic...even pitiful.

    I say this because as you aptly pointed out...there is nothing holy or Christian about Christmas.
    The custom of the pagans is to celebrate a is not there in where do you find this instruction for a Christian to celebrate a birthday...nor a Jew in the Olde Testament.

    The significance of Jesus the Christ for Remission of Sins is his death burial and Resurrection....not his birth.

    So many Believers have this reversed and know this not and their ministers prefer them ignorant.

    But the Atheists are themselves just as dumb on this in their own stupidity. To me God has to be laughing on this ..a sense of humor at the irony. Stupid Christians and Atheists both.

    But I don't tell them what to do with their time and monies. I merely make note of it and present this information for those out here who can and are interested in thinking for themselves...not with the Herd.

    You are using the Church at Rome...a counterfeit template to hold Christians who don't know some point which for those of us who know...does not make good nonsense.

    And the Church at Rome is not the only counterfeit church out there..there are others.

    God's Church has , in like manner to the Olde Testament Hebrews, always been a minority in a land surrounded by people who do not like them. Not changed today.
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  18. watcherchris

    watcherchris Legendary Survivalist

    Blog Posts:

    Direct writings from Jesus?? To what references do you make here by the Direct writings of Jesus???
    This sounds interesting...
    Perhaps it is something of which I am not aware. I am always learning new things or looking for something new to read.

  19. TexDanm

    TexDanm Shadow Dancer

    Blog Posts:
    There are all sorts of writings from that time period. The Dead Sea Scrolls alone offered us a lot of new views and thoughts from other sources. The problem is that through out the centuries it has been the policy of the Catholic Church that any and ALL writings from that time period that are not already a part of the Catholic Bible were heretical and were "destroyed". The general consensus is that by "destroyed" it meant that it was removed from general distribution but was also most likely saves in the Vatican warehouses. These books occasionally surface as the forbidden books of the Bible and make interesting reading. Their authenticity though is questionable but some are actually translations of things like the Dead Sea Scrolls.

    There are so many things that this policy of making anything not in their bible heresy have caused. Because it is not mentioned in the 4 gospels then by Canon Law Jesus had to be unmarried. That is ridiculous. At that time a 30 year old Jew that was not a cloistered monk that was not married would have been shunned as a homosexual. The hebrew Jewish attitude towards gay people make the Christian hard liners look loving and benevolent. You have heard jokes about Jewish Mothers hunting a wife for their sons. There is a reason for that. In some ways a Jewish male is not a man until he is married. No Hebrew would have had much to do with a Gay person and a 30 year old male that was unmarried would have been assumed to be so.

    Watcherchris if you want to seriously lean and understand the Christian faith you have to first learn about the Jewish faith and beliefs and about the world that they lived in. So much of what is in the bible is misunderstood simply because people now don't share the common knowledge of the people at the time that the books were written.

    In two thousand years what do you think people will make of references to things like Watergate or the Twin Towers or maybe even things like 911. In order to understand what is being said you have to understand the MEANING of what is said.

    As an example of what I mean... There is a thing in Matthew (19/24) where it is said that it is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to get into heaven. Most people belive that this mean that rick men are in deep trouble but that isn't what it means.

    The rest of the story...First back then they made needles by splitting a small iron pointer rod on the back end away from the point. They then placed a mandrel rod in the split gap and hammed forged the end closed. When you polled the rod out you had a small eye for the thread to go through. Think what this looked like. It would be narrow at the bottom of the eye and then widen out where the rod was and then come to a point on top where the ends were forge welded. Now second. Back then at sunset they closed the gates to the big cities so that raiders couldn't sneak up on them in the dark and rush into the city before the gates were closed. Rich merchants occasionally had caravans of loaded camels get there after dark and the last thing they wanted was to have them standing around outside where thieves could get them. They would pay for and receive a permit to have a special door to let the camels get in even after dark. These doors were by law of very specific shape and dimensions. You've seen pictures of them. A short square bottomed opening with a sort of round swelling on top then a point above that. These doors were called eyes of needles because they looked sort of like them. The problem for the camel was that they were not very tall. the wide part on top was for their load. Think of what a caravan loaded camel would look like from behind. The poor camel in order to get through the door had to get on his knees and crawl though. They didn't like this but would do it to get to a food reward. A camel gets through the eye of a needle on his knees and does so. Unfortunately a lot of rich men are to prideful to get on their knees and pray so it is their PRIDE and not their wealth that makes it hard for them to get into heaven.

    Over and over the things we are told about what was said in the bible is misunderstood for reasons such as this...

    Jesus was a Jew. To understand a lot of what he said and what happened to him you need to understand the Jewish people and laws of that time.
  20. watcherchris

    watcherchris Legendary Survivalist

    Blog Posts:

    What I know about the Jews of that time is that Jesus often rebuked them and in particular their leadership and the Pharisees for claiming that they followed the Law of Moses when they did no such thing but instead substituted the traditions of men for what God told them to do.

    What I also know about the Jews was that in line with much of what they were doing is taking on the customs and traditions of men for what God told them to addition to this they were taking on the religious practices of the heathen nations surrounding them. There are warnings of this over and over throughout the Olde Testament. Thjs includes the sexual practices of the heathen nations ...both homo and hetero sexual. many ..had this public face..but a times they would jump into the phone booth of the day and come out as someone else and practice something else.

    Agree about the interpretation of the rich mans...pride. This was also the lesson of telling the rich man to give up his goods and follow Jesus. I believe this is the same young man of which you were describing in that passage.

    As to the Dead Sea Scrolls..yes..I know about them.

    What the Dead Sea Scrolls do is verify what the Olde Testament describes about the customs and practices of the Hebrews ...that what we have in our KJV is accurate about them.
    The one book which is in there in it's I understand it is the book of Isaiah. There are other books in there but this one stands out. Other books are there of the Olde Testament but not complete.

    What the Dead Sea Scrolls do.... for those who that it verifies the disobedience, rebellion, and whoredom of the Hebrew people and their leadership...just as we have it in the KJV today. It verifies the practices of the day...customs etc etc.

    I think that very learned men were looking for something else out of the Dead Sea Scrolls and were disappointed in what they got.

    There are two people who are heavy into the Dead Sea Scrolls and a private interpretation of them.

    One of these people is Robert Eisenman and the other is Barbra Thiering. I do not know of these people are still alive but am aware of their positions.

    They teach the Married Jesus doctrine. And also I believe there are some other authors writing on that thesis....particularly about groups like the Priory de Sion...that Jesus was married and did not die on the cross.
    A number of books surfaced in the 1980s pushing that thesis.

    These are Eastern Occult Religious dogmas which are trying today to infiltrate Christianity particularly among those not well grounded in the Faith.

    I should tell you that I am not keen on Catholic Church dogma and practice...which is most of what you are debating against here. I have nothing personally against Catholics..but have little use for the dogma.

    I just know too much of history to buy into a lot of that. I also know that much of this dogma infiltrated into Protestant Church Dogma...again because their ministers have left their flocks without much knowledge of both history and the Word..and instead the Hebrews..substituting the traditions of men for the Word of God.

    Put another way...they do not teach the whole council of God.

    Oh...while I am at it....the Anglican the Catholic Church under new Management.

    The Pope is now at Westminster...and not in Rome. The Anglicans only changed the management...who was running it..not the practice.

    This caused a huge lot of problems with the English people when groups like the Puritans came along and wanted nothing to do with Popery...or any such practices....and rejected the Anglican Popery and practice...derived from the Church at Rome...carte blanche.

    This division reflecting in the daily lives and conduct of the English people...wound up in a Civil War after which the King of England...Charles 1st...was put on the scaffold and his head removed in 1649...thus demonstrating for all time that a King was not Divine Right ...;their power was not absolute...and that they could be tried for crimes against the people.

    Under Catholicism...the crowns of many of the Kings of Europe was put on them by the Popes...therefore their power was from God..divine right ..and a King could make or break any law they desired and no one could hold them accountable.

    Oliver Cromwell and the Puritans put a stop to this kind of thing with Kings when they beheaded Charles the 1st.

    And when it came time for our Independence and Revolution the founders here...looked around them and asked ...if there was an example of an ordinary people turning on their King. Oliver Cromwell had settled that issue over a hundred years before .

    This is a piece of information no one much talks about here in America..nor the English Civil War and Oliver Cromwell.
    This topic is avoided ...devoutly so as to leave the field to another god and another religion.

    Since Oliver Cromwell King has publically declared themselves Divine Right.
    And like the Church at are witnessing in times today the Church of England in bed with Islam and to their eventual demise...they will become Ishmaelites..and away from Isaac. Ishmaelite..into bondage with her children.
    This is also exactly what the Church at Rome is.....Ishmaelite...and in Bondage.
    There are others ...not just these two churches.

    However ...governments are still trying to return to absolute power over their people and nations.....and in particular by weakening the Faith and religion of the people of their nations.

    For their is no other factor which will determine the economic prosperity of a nation and people outside of their religion.
    As their religion too does their prosperity. Their Standards fall. I speak here in particular for Christianity.

    And we see this happening in particular in they are heavily turned to secularism and atheism...

    Well enough of that.

    Thanks for your post,


    Not an Ishmaelite
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  21. watcherchris

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    Hey TexDanm,

    You bring up an interesting historical point in your last post about making needles.

    This blinked into perspective after I signed off and was doing something else while still musing on your last post.

    Around here in Virginia and what was historically Colonial America....I was told what to me was very interesting history while on one of these tours of Thomas Jefferson's home at Monticello ...outside of Charlottesville, Virginia.

    There is a lengthy tunnel under the home in which is stables areas and also a blacksmith shop. The Anvil had in it a very unusual hole...and the explanation of the existence of this hole is that through this hole is hammered molten iron...for making nails.

    Now unbeknownst to the average American today ...knowing so little history ....nails were a very valuable commodity back then...and the tour guide so explained. We take for granted today and just go down to the hardware store and get some more.

    Nails were often recycled, straightened out, and reused.

    What was also explained...was that not only were nails a very valuable commodity but so too were sewing needles. And like nails we take sewing needles for granted...and just go get some more...but it was not always so in this country.

    I found this narrative of history to be very interesting in contrast to how so many of us take our economic affluence for granted today...and never think the shelves could go empty ...or barren.

    Your narrative about making needles brought back this history via this tour I took of Monticello.


    Not an Ishmaelite.
  22. TexDanm

    TexDanm Shadow Dancer

    Blog Posts:
    There are SOOOO many things that people take for granted as it it just grew on magic trees someplace. Imagine a world with no pencils or paper. Nails, needles and fishhooks are not thought about. Some people know how to make soap but where do you get that much rendered animal fat? Most people don't have cast iron cookware anymore and that is what you need if you are going to cook over wood fire for a long time. Clothes will wear out and needles and thread might be rare but new cloth just won't exist in most places. We will be back to leather and coarse woven fabric that is made via crude individual efforts that are basically knitting.

    I have often suspected that in a frustrating world where there are so few physical things to be had and so little control over our environment mankind turns of the nonphysical world in search of comfort and satisfaction. In time like now when there is a just almost endless line of THINGS to instead attract their attention and where we have so much control over the little things in our environment our minds turn away from religion. Who needs a god if you have a wallet full of credit cards and a just endless list of wants that you can actually HAVE??
  23. lonewolf

    lonewolf Societal Collapse Survivalist. Staff Member

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    the modern world is geared towards instant gratification, the "I want it and I want it NOW!" brigade, just click on the internet and its delivered right to their door, skills and to some extent knowledge is laughed at as old fashioned, in a SHTF world where finance, credit cards, cold hard cash and even electricity will be things of the past most of the population will not survive.
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  24. watcherchris

    watcherchris Legendary Survivalist

    Blog Posts:
    Excellent posts Gentlemen...excellent.

    I like and appreciate a certain amount of technology and the convenience of it. But I also know, from working in Shipbuilding, that at times technology breaks down and you need to have some kind of idea to repair the technology or go the manual override route.

    I believe as much as I can in making certain options for myself by developing manual override skills to function a bit outside the "Herd " so to speak. My Ham radio skills are just such too my lock picking skills. Using certain tools and the skills to accompany this usage. I prefer a manual transmission to an is my way.
    I am even crazy enough to have taught myself how to put a ship in a bottle and have kept in reserve two special bottles for future use. I've done about 15 ships in bottles over the years.

    One day I will put ships in these two Olde Forrester Bottles.

    Reloading ammunition is, to me, another of these manual override skills.

    As Lonewolf aptly implies...this is diametrically opposed to the "Instant Gratification " religion so popular and heavily marketed today. Well said...Lonewolf...well said.

    One of my nightmares is to be stuck on the famous "desert island" with some 400 people who can whine , blame, play victim, and try to get someone else to take the risk out of life for them. The want someone else to set up the buffet line and then show up...make a mess ..and leave others to clean up after them. Their own real life skill is in texting. What a nightmare!!
    They have no clue that they are "High Maintenance." They think they are normal.
    And again..the scary thing to me is that these sort of people are voters.
    And some of them have become Presidents and Congressmen...even Judges.

    You know speaking with soldiers who have spent considerable time out in the thing comes across clearly...via their experiences. All of them wished for something to maintain their clothing. Clothing wore out very fast out in the scrub. A clean dry set of socks without holes is a definition of heaven to them.
    One thing for which I am grateful to my mother in teaching me is how to darn socks when needed. Also some crude sewing skills. Today we just go to the store and get another pair...or more.

    You know Lonewolf and Texdanm...we so take for much tractor trailer traffic takes place here in Americana and sort of filter it out of our consciousness. When we get to the stores the shelves are full..we give no thought as to how it got there. But a lot of tractor trailer heavy traffic moves in the middle of the night ...24/7 across this nation. Few are even aware of the 24/7 pace or magnitude of this traffic. We just filter it out.

    If for some reason this traffic stopped or got held up....our store shelves would go empty and rapidly. Martial Law is one route to this.
    Americans in particular have no idea that this is one reason in the Olde Soviet Union...that you could not get fruit and vegetables to the stores before they rotted. You had to stop constantly at checkpoints on the few highways in existence in Soviet Russia to check your papers and have your cargo inspected. Fruits and vegetables would go bad before you got them to markets. Our Main Stream Media and public education avoided this knowledge in order to keep Americans ignorant of so much of what really happens in this world. They are still at it...creating mushrooms in the dark about so much.

    Gentlemen...thanks for your posts,

    Not an Ishmaelite
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  25. watcherchris

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    Here you go again TexDanm.....doing it again.

    I need to get out there and finish scrapping my garage windows which I just painted and also paint the garage door.

    But I got to thinking about this quote by you earlier in this thread.

    For myself I like two types of cook ware...they can be expensive at first purchase for the good stuff..but they will last one a lifetime.

    That is Cast Iron...and also that Stainless Steel Copper Bottom Revere ware with matching lids.

    I love cooking fish and chicken in either Cast Iron or that Stainless..but slightly different techniques need to be done in each different type due to the heat conductivity of the two types.

    In particular and, over the years, I have managed to pick up two cast iron frying pans which are three inches tall instead of the standard two inches tall. These are 10 inch frying pans and they are heavy...but I love the way they cook.

    This is the one drawback to cast iron....weight....but to me the trade off is worth it over the long run.

    I do not like this modern Teflon coated stuff...nor aluminum cookware.

    Both these stainless and cast iron cookware will last me my lifetime. My mother in particular preferred the stainless steel.

    Cast iron got to be too heavy for her to be lugging around and cleaning.

    Still ..I love cast iron and that stainless steel cookware.

    All that other stuff...forget it.

    The older woman I used to date years ago...I remember she had a 8 inch cast iron skillet and all she would cook in it was eggs...cook anything else in it and you have violated "Holy Ground." Now that is olde school to me..but it was her house and her kitchen.

    Thanks for reminding me......again!!!

    Gotta get out to my garage now.
    Catch up with you folks later.

    Not an Ishmaelite
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  26. TexDanm

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    These days what little cooking that young people do is done in lightweight coated pots and pans. To most of them anything that you can't just throw in a dishwasher is trash. That pretty much eliminates cast iron cookware and good knives that are sharp.

    Above my stove hangs 2 12" cast iron skillets, an 8" iron skillet a 12" cast iron griddle, and a 12" iron dutch oven. There is also a great big Revere Ware stock pot that I make soup in. We make a lot of cornbread and to me that requires a cast iron skillet.
  27. watcherchris

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    Holy Cow TexDanm.....

    That is a serious lot of weight hanging above your stove. You've got to have a serious hanging set up to hold up that much hanging weight. If any one of those fell and beaned you on the head it could do you in if not out for the count.

    In awe...

  28. TexDanm

    TexDanm Shadow Dancer

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    They are in heavy lag hooks screwed into ceiling joists. They've been there for years. That dutch oven has fried a ton of chicken and fish. That Dutch Oven and one of the 12" skillets has been feeding me for my entire life. They were my Mom's. The griddle, the other 12" and the 8" skillets were in my wife's hope chest and came with her 42 years ago. That is another advantage to cast lasts for generations. I even have a small three legged pot that was at Bull Run, Shiloh and several other battles in the civil war. It was my Great Great Great Grandfather's military mess kit.
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  29. watcherchris

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    Yep...I thought so...a serious heavy duty system by which to hand your kitchen tools and keep them close when needed.

    Yep....carrying on the family tradition...generation after generation. Well done TexDanm...well done!!

  30. Old Geezer

    Old Geezer Legendary Survivalist

    Blog Posts:
    S.Appalachia, people simply had cast iron, especially skillets. As a kid, I didn't know that there was anything else. Our kids were born in the early 1980s and in that decade, we had a bunch of power outages = gotta cook / how we gonna cook for five people, boil water, ... . I bought a HUGE stove lined w/fire-brick that had a secondary burning chamber before entering the flue. Took four of us guys to set it into place in our concrete floor basement. This heated the house and one could put several skillets and pots on the thing. Firewood, I lived adjacent to the Cherokee National Forest (had worked a summer for them when I was a kid, was a hiker, hunter, bought me a brand-spankin-new Poulan chain saw). Was making decent money.

    As a homeowner myself, the above started me on the path of "don't be without when the power goes out." When I was a boy, it was walking home from school freezing, starting a fire (kindling & coal) in the fireplace, and stoking my grandmother's coal furnace. When in grammar school, I used a full sized coal shovel, but could just get the lid open to the hopper, what with its monster screw at the bottom grinding the coal back into the furnace. Had to dig the clinkers out the furnace -- that'll melt your eyebrows!


    This week, got a grandson in, grammar school boy he is. Will let him start a fire. Maybe will hang a big pot of beans or stew over the fire (18" iron arm; two quart pot; or dutch oven for stew). Maybe pull out the wood log grate and shove in the cast iron grill & cook hotdogs / hamburgers. I've got a campfire grilling grate, but I'm not hauling that out.

    In survival mode, cast iron was the savior for our ancestors. Still is.
    Last edited: Dec 18, 2017
  31. TexDanm

    TexDanm Shadow Dancer

    Blog Posts:
    When I was young the cast iron went all the way to cast iron wash pots that we used for cooking and canning in large quantities. Let me tell you, the best soup that I have ever eaten was a "pot" luck church social where everyone brought something to put in the pot of soup that was cooking on an open fire. While it cooked the preachers preached and the kids played. It was a good day filled with a lot of laughs and a lot of love.

    We had three or four like this...

    I'm seriously thinking about ordering one og these...
  32. Old Geezer

    Old Geezer Legendary Survivalist

    Blog Posts:
    My mom had a big old pot like those, but she did what a whole lot of folk did and that was to plant flowers in it. She wanted modern appliances due to having been raised god-awful poor. No nostalgia for her, no no no! Her memories were filled with the pains of poverty. She had been lean due to hunger and parasites. When her family came down out'a the mountains and there was more to be had, she latched on to what was new and work-saving. Her dad got a government job, humble, but a job, steady money, not get-by. The iron skillets she continued to use. That poor woman died way too young.

    My fireplace is big but those pots simply will not fit. My dutch oven fits fine.

    Big pots came in handy when making lye => soap. Also for hog-killing time outdoors.
  33. TexDanm

    TexDanm Shadow Dancer

    Blog Posts:
    We used them when we were canning. We would blanch tomatoes in that big pot and then peel their skin off. We used them to make hominy One with lye then two rinses. When we made soup and such for canning that were great. I have a recipe that makes 54 quarts if condensed soup that we made in a wash pot. We also blanched the peas before canning them. Those pots also came out when we butchered chickens. A big pot of boiling water mde plucking feathers a little easier.

    I think that he 5 gallon one would be about right for cooking to feed a pretty big group and that is what I'm wanting. It will be a step above the dutch oven without going to extremes. Moving that 25 gallon pot around was a chore and took a BIG bed of coals to keep it at a rolling boil.

    It is amazing when I think back how important big things like those wash pots and the sheet metal wash tubs were for handling the harvest. We would fill a 15 gallon wash tub with water then soak the peas in it to make them peel/shell easier. We had a place out under the live oak trees that we would gather and process pea, beans, corn and tomatoes bushels at a time. Sometimes the corn would fill the entire bed of a pickup truck. After things were cleaned and processed we would move to the canning barn where we would start canning and pressure cooking.

    You just couldn't do this sort of thing to any real purpose in small quantities. We were feeding anywhere from 3 to 4 families.
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