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Discussion in 'Financial Planning' started by CivilDefense, May 30, 2017.

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    So, we've done well in the bond market over the years, with respect to reaching our financial goals. I don't have any real complaints with the returns over the years. However, the bond market has been showing some warning signs in the last couple weeks.

    What are you thoughts on recent developments? How about the bond market in general? What investment vehicles are you using in this area?

    Thanks for sharing.
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    I only know enough to be dangerous and do not invest in any of this. I do try to keep an eye on what is going on though.

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  3. Pragmatist

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    Ref thoughts on recent developments;

    If asking exclusively re bond market, no recent thoughts from me. If asking about the bonds within the rest of the market, it's quality economic warfare principles at work.

    Our "past tense" involvement is no longer applicable to the current situation. Think of participating in the silver and gold markets involving some South American countries a couple of centuries ago. Much change going on at a rapid pace.


    I like your signature line from National Hurricane Center. I receive great help from their librarians via the web.
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    I have very mixed emotions on this topic. Bonds fly directly in the face of one of the most important tenets of investing: Be an owner, not a loaner. The yields on bonds are generally much lower, and liquidity (being able to get your money when you need it) can also be an issue.

    That being said bonds are very low risk. You will get a fixed return for a long period of time. If risk is a very high priority then bonds are a good way to go. Your portfolio should be diversified with stocks and bonds. The proverbial don't put all your eggs in one basket.

    First: Are you risk averse; moderate; or risk taking?

    Second on Asset Allocation: Subtract your age from 100 to determine the % of your portfolio that should be stocks.

    This link gives a pretty honest answer on where you should be.
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