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    Hi ladies! I’m just finishing up my second week of BBG Beginner! I’ve done parts of the BBG program before back in 2017 and saw great results so I’m excited to get back into it. I am trying to get to a healthy weight and tone up.
    I have no problem being motivated to do the workouts but I am struggling to keep on the straight and narrow with my eating habits. I work part time while going to university so sometimes find myself skipping lunch then telling myself it’s fine to eat unhealthy food for dinner since I missed the calories at lunch. I also find once I eat one thing unhealthy that I’ll eat a couple things in one day.
    Does anyone have any good tips on staying motivated to eat healthily on top of doing the workouts?
    I didn’t use the community page the first time I did the BBG program so I’m excited to communicate with all you supportive women!
    Thanks in advance!
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