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Discussion in 'Essential Items' started by TimberTom, Apr 28, 2016.

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    You should always have certain urgency items on hand for when the situation calls for them. You will need to figure out how many people are in your house and then stock your supplies accordingly. You will want to have plenty of fresh drinking water on hand for every individual as well as water for sanitation. You will also want to have water for cooking as well.
    Making sure to have plenty of foods that are non-perishable on hand is another great idea. There are many different items that you can store from canned and jarred vegetables to beef jerky and dehydrated foods. Rice, beans, and other dry storage foods are a great idea as they have long shelf-life. Emergency food is not meant to be gourmet food it is meant to be the kind of stuff that will keep you alive in a situation when it is needed most.
    Medication is also something you will want to keep on hand at home. You will want to have plenty of bandages and adhesive tapes just in case there are accidents or injuries during your survival time. Having triple antibiotic ointment along with first-aid sprays, peroxide, and alcohol is also highly advisable. Having these essentials in your home will help you to be better prepared for any emergency situation that might occur.
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    Depending on the type of emergency like typhoon or brownout we always have canned goods, noodles, excess mineral water for drinking, candles and flashlights at home. We stock of medicine for fever, diarrhea, cough & colds. We also have first aid kit for minor injuries. These are the basics that we have at home everyday to survive in case emergency strikes.
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    Actually it depends on what you call emergency because it is different from someone's of view to another. I'd say flashlights, basic medication such as pain killer, creams in case of an accident, and minor injuries. water also should be considered as something to have at home. Besides some basic food (noodles, chips, cola..)
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