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    Good afternoon all,

    Above tells of a study saying that knowledge of global warming and its implications, eg dangerous flooding ,losing one's house, does not correlate with seeking a safety place to live.

    I found this article interesting.

    New Hanover County, North Carolina is the Wilmington area, just down the coast from Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune.
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    Does it seem a little curious that the ex-president who tried to ram Climate Change down our throats for 8 years just bought a $14.85 million mansion on Martha's Vineyard that is projected to be completely submerged by year 2100?

    This comes from an economist a lot smarter than I am. Name one bank that has stopped lending money to developers of beachfront property. Anywhere.
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  3. Pragmatist

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    Good afternoon Morgan,

    I forgot about his new house on Martha's Vinyard.

    Some banks are also subsidized "just in case".
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  4. Keith H.

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    • Miami and Miami Beach already struggle with serious flooding related to sea-level rise — even when there is no rain.
    • The ground under the cities of South Florida is largely porous limestone, which means water will eventually rise up through it.
    • The cities are taking flood-control measures like installing pumps, raising roads, and restoring wetlands.
    • Coastal cities around the world face similar problems.
    Outside the immediate and dire threat of hurricane season, discussions of Florida and climate change often center squarely on the risk posed by our swelling seas. There’s a good reason for that: Florida’s cities, infrastructure, beachfront homes, and natural ecosystems are among the most vulnerable in the world to sea-level rise.

    A headline from the Miami Herald this summer says it all: “Florida has more to lose with sea rise than anywhere else in the US, new study says.”

    The paper’s article details a Union of Concerned Scientists report that took a flood model from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and applied it to housing information from real estate database Zillow. The findings were alarming.

    “By 2045, nearly 64,000 homes in Florida face flooding every other week. Half of those are in South Florida,” the Miami Herald writes.
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    Build on beach front property and sooner or later you become part of the beach.
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  6. lonewolf

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    or part of the sea!
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