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    In order to successfully navigate there are several tools that you may utilize to help you accomplish this task. Modern technology such as GPS and digital maps make navigation a relatively easy and painless process. However sometimes these luxuries are not at your disposal, and you may need to utilize old school methods and techniques to navigate your way. These old school techniques and tools would be things such as a compass and knowledge of natural landmarks such as the sun and stars. A map, pencil, compass, and if accessible a GPS device is the basics that you will need to successfully navigate just about any place you can think of.
    The map will give you an idea of the trials and tribulations that lie ahead of you and allow you to plan your route and pack your gear accordingly. Being prepared for the path ahead of you is an essential part in any survival skills whether they be emergency survival or a prepared readiness program that you have designed in case of an emergency. Also having good navigational skills can help you should you be thrown into an emergency situation that you are not expecting. Life can suddenly do some harsh moments but knowing how to remain calm cool and collective can help you prevail practically in any circumstance.
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    Can't beat a GPS..but hey...if you are trained a topographical map and a mil style compass can't be beat (no batteries needed)
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    map and compass...i'm old fashioned.
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    Compasss allways worrks not hard to learn not sure where you are follow water down it will take you out easy and most times out safely to road or river
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