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Discussion in 'Essential Items' started by Tom Williams, Sep 26, 2017.

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  1. Tom Williams

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    I was told to use the right tool for the job so for this you need knives of different types 1agood pocket knife 2asheath knife full tang of good steel and constuction3 a fishing fillet knife thin blade and zazor sharp a hatchet of good quality i prefer one that has a hammer head on one end and a strong blade for chopping one tool multi use. A axe i myself like a boys axe but many types are made get a good quality one a shovel i prefer the ww2 usa wooden handled one these are well made and better made than the small folders made now set up and cared for right you will be amazed at what that tool will do file and stone to keep these in working order
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  2. Keith H.

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    Agreed Tom.
    I don't carry a shovel with me on treks normally, I make do with a digging stick, but I do have a small shovel head which is for adding to my pack if needs be.
    64d655128913d065fa48b349a5fbe2d8.jpeg 64d655128913d065fa48b349a5fbe2d8.jpeg Easier to carry just the head, lighter & more compact. I make a handle when needed.
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    Cold Steel makes and sells a shovel that you can use to dig with, chop wood or as a brush ax/machete. In a bind I could skin with it. Like you, I prefer the older style of trenching tool over the current one with the trifold and the scoop type handle rather than the straight one. I found a two piece one that when put together is like the older style.

    To me one of the most adaptable and multiuse tools/weapons is the Kukri. I can dig with it somewhat, it chops great, I use it like a draw knife for handle making and with a variable grind on the edge it can do about any kind of knife work that you might need to do in the field.

    Another handy weapon/tool is a tomahawk with a hammer pole on the back side. Along with the chopping and hammering if you slide it off the handle it is a lot like the Alaskan Ulu and is a good slicer and cutter.
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  4. Tom Williams

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    Weight being a factor in gear the tools i recommend are light easy to pack the shovel is a multi tool it is a shovel a hoe can chop and works as a weapon the sides of shovel filed and stoned make great cutting tools this done allso makes it into a fine weapon anouther add to list is a good quality multi tool many tools in one iteam i find gear that can be used in many ways best to cut weight a more modern tool is a pocket chain saw a workout to use this can cut wood quick for shelter fire and to make iteams in a pinch it would cut meat up quick to make for easy carry bck to home
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