Toxic Indoor And Outdoor Plants

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    Good morning all,

    Per ...

    Good reminder info in article.

    For research, article has web address to WV Poison Center:

    Article tells to write common name and scientific name next to each indoor plant. Of course, well worth knowing the wild ones.

    Some here can distinguish between a Yellow Rose of Texas and Wild Irish Rose. Both are not plants.

    On this side of the Shenandoah, we original Virginians (the ones with the nice plantations) we had an artificial scare re - Giant Hogweed -. Yes, it is very dangerous. Yes, the 3 incidents were magnified out of proportion to the danger. I participate in the Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services and know what's going on. Worry about the matters needing worry; not things like freshwater sharks and Giant Hogweed.
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