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    Today there are many modern options when it comes to tracking. GPS is the most common form of tracking equipment utilized by hunters and explorers today. However sometimes GPS is unreliable, and you must turn to other resources for your tracking needs. Utilizing navigational skills in tracking will allow you the ability to successfully find what you are after. If you are tracking people or animals, there are things to look for. A common technique used in tracking people is the assumption of which way a person is heading. You then look for clues in the area that lead to proving the person was there. Things such as footprints, video recordings, or personal sightings. If you are tracking people, these are easy options for locating someone.
    Also knowing a person's characteristical traits tends to give you information as to where they might be going. When tracking animals the navigational tools such as information on the animal's habitat and natural habits will be beneficial in you finding their location. Knowing where water sources and hunting grounds are located are great ways for you to naturally navigate and track down whatever animal you are searching for. Beyond the common characteristics of paw prints or animal tracks knowing where popular water holes are will typically lead you to finding the animal you are after. Remember that when you are tracking anything one of the key factors in navigation is knowing your geographical landmarks as well as silence.
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