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    Transporting gear is something to consider ive got the gear how do i get it there. Pack is fine but limits you to what you can carry.wheelbarrow or wagon both good limits what you can carry and what you can push or pull ok work fineBike is good you can even get trailers for them now quiet quick good choice if your in shape to ride it not bad idea will work just fine limits you to what you can carry and what you and bike are able to move ok now lets get real how about a 4x4 and a camper trailer great haul and move alot with a self contained home on wheels fantastic for most this is the best way to go. When you need to leave and you know leave early with it full of gas water everything you need as you become aware that you had enough of whatever go before it gets so bad you cant
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    Regarding vehicles in a survival-type situation cars and other vehicles that run on fuel wouldn't work because they are, obviously, dependent on fuel. That would make bicycle the best vehicle for survival if one uses a vehicle at all, of course. As you mentioned, Tom, you can also attach a trailer or some type of a wagon to a bike and transport all your equipment that way, but bike is useful when you only have a backpack. The only problem is that constant pedaling would make you tire more often, but that would only result in taking more breaks and probably eating and drinking more, it wouldn't diminish your overall form but actually strengthen you.
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    Transportation has been a major issue in survival mission has really shortened many efforts and restricted some movement. Access to material has been a major issue and in other to be able to access these material it needs to be moved to where it would be of use,but the transport is not there to make it faster. If a group of people are going for a serious mission, task or traveling through the forest, the problem will always be how to move resources along with them and still save time, bike will not carry enough and motor cannot pass through due to the rocky road. Transport should be create to move on any situation so as to be of help during emergency situation.
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