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Discussion in 'Other Useful Objects' started by Tom Williams, Jun 2, 2016.

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  1. Tom Williams

    Tom Williams Moderator Staff Member

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    Think on this one tell me. Uses for black trash bags and why you should have them?????
  2. cluckeyo

    cluckeyo Well-Known Member

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    I can think of a few uses.
    • a waterproof container to hold your survival gear
    • tie them on your ankles and they will keep your feet dry
    • fill them with air and use them as floats out in the water
    • cover your backpack with one to keep your gear dry in rain
    thinking, thinking, thinking,...
  3. Corzhens

    Corzhens Master Survivalist

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    Is this about survival in a disaster? We always have plastic bags in our car because they are very utile. With the big black trash bags, they can hold so many things whether edible or not. It can even serve as a belt or in place of a rope. I remember one anecdote of my husband when they used plastic bags to tie the connections of their big tent during his boy scout days. Back to the trash bag, think of being in a desolate area with a source of water. If properly installed in a hole, the trash bag can serve as reservoir of clean water.

    And when in a camp area, that trash bag should be used for its purpose, that is... keeping trash.
  4. Tom Williams

    Tom Williams Moderator Staff Member

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    Flooring in a shelter stuffed with grass a mattress or pillow storeage for bedding gear clothing rain gear lawn and leaf size can water proof sleeping bag set up right they make a tube shelter. Shelter of alot of styles
  5. judyd1

    judyd1 New Member

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    In a survival situation, plastic bags among other items, will stop being mass produced. I'm just guessing here, because there won't be anybody left to pay the workers to go in to the plastic factory and turn on the machines. People will be too busy trying to survive, get food and water, and won't care about making plastic anymore. So it will be a valuable commodity.

    Stock up on trash bags now, while you still can. Scientists estimate they won't decompose for hundreds of years, so they have a long shelf life for sure.

    Trash bags are good for hauling, for covering things up (except lies and Watergate--no good for those situations) and covering things over. Trash bags--they're not just for trash any more.
  6. joshposh

    joshposh Expert Member

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    Lets make a list.

    1. clothing
    2. rain coat
    3. sanitation
    4. temp bug out bag
    5. food storage
    6. water distillation - the most important feature
  7. Scarlet

    Scarlet Member

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    The fact that it's a big plastic makes a big difference. We can make a lot of uses from it, starting from its main uses as a trash bag and a lot more. The downside of it being big was it's being used too by bad people for hiding their crime of chopped body parts of their target which is the gross and worst uses of it as I often see on television news.
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