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    This is a sad thread because Triage means the wisdom of knowing those which can still survive and those which has no chance of survival.

    In a disaster like a plane crash, the rescuers have a training on triage so their top priority are those survivors with a higher chance of surviving and the lowest priority are the dead and those looking dead. I don't know if I can be of help in those cases. Again, that Yolanda tsunami in 2013 comes to mind - the long line of dead people by the seashore. Some of them were left to die since the rescuers gave preference to those who are stronger.
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    In a survival situation triage will be very important as your manpower and equipment will be limited!
    If there is no ambulance, hospital or advanced medical people available in the near term, assessing patients will be difficult
    and not an exact science. Someone who feels fine but has a bump on there head may just collapse and die in an hour or so.
    Yet someone covered in blood may just have superficial wounds!
    What about the youngster with a deep slash to his arm holding a rag on it to stop the bleeding verse a old person with a broken arm, who comes first?

    And what are the abilities available!
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    I was taught that the ones breathing and complaining can be left until later, its the unmoving uncomplaining ones you need to look at first.
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    Far more complicated than that, much depends on the services available!
    Without a surgeon available with a functioning operating theatre most any major wound to the torso will be fatal!

    Most bone breaks can be set, basic cuts even deep ones can be fixed, low velocity gunshots can be survived!
    High velocity gunshots to the torso unless just a flesh wound will end in death.
    Shattering a arm/leg bone that could be reconstructed now will end in death or amputation!

    Some life saving procedures are in actuality quite easy if there is someone with the fortitude to just get in and do it promptly!

    Most anyone with a little knowledge and a little kit can remove an appendix as it is a fairly simple procedure, the trick is to go it swiftly and cleanly!

    So back to triage!
    Minor wounds first as they are most likely to recover fully, next other wounds with good chance of not dieing!
    Next wounds with a high chance death and last those you cant save only ease there passing!

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