Trust Not The Rumors

Discussion in 'Mental Preparedness' started by John Snort, Jun 22, 2016.

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  1. John Snort

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    A few years back when ISIS was wreaking havoc in Iraq, some soldiers who were supposed to be fighting them were so terrified of being beheaded that they fled leaving the terrorists with military equipment which they [the savages/terrorists/jihadis] later used to kill even more people including some of the soldiers who'd fled. And why? They'd heard tales . . .

    Fear can make you do things which you'll regret later. A prepper for example who panics could simply try to flee leaving all his/her supplies behind. Or make a wild attempt to find friends or loved ones who aren't with him and end up getting killed in the process.

    Post event you'll hear lots of things. Disheartening news. Regardless of all that, stick to your plan. If you are home stay home until things calm down a little before heading to your survival location.
  2. lonewolf

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    rumours are just that...rumours, ignore them until you have hard facts.
    lots of things will be said post event which aren't true.
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  3. NormaD

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    I agree with you. Once you have made sound decisions and you have your plan, stick to it. Don't rely too much on information from outside. A lot of people get carried away with the news post-event and you may be led astray. Stick to your plan and wait for the real hard facts.
  4. Endure

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    Rumors can be deceiving. It's up to you to believe it or not. Maybe beneath it there is truth, perhaps is highly likely to be a lie. But the poor comprehension of something is that leads eventually to irrational fear. Take everything like a grain of salt if you are not into the subject, and try to look for reliable sources in order to make contrasts.
  5. Corzhens

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    This thread reminds me of the stories of my mother-in-law during the second world war. They were right in Manila when the Japanese soldiers invaded the country unannounced. With the abrupt change of situation becaues the Japanese soldier have claimed authority, rumors were flying in the air. One rumor is that the Philippine president was killed, another is the Manila mayor being the janitor of the Japanese camp, and so many rumors that all turned out false. When the American soldiers were about to arrive and claim back Manila, the Japanese soldiers went into rampage. So many Filipinos were killed by those amok Japanese soldiers, shooting people for no reason at all. Some say that it is a retaliation in advance since they (Japanese) are about to be annihilated by the US forces. And true enough, it happened. So the rumor was not just a rumor.

    PS. Fortunately, there were reliable sources that advised my mother-in-law's father to move the family away from Manila. They were saved because of that.
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