Turmeric Plants --- 1st Time Planting/growing

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  1. Jahkobi Martin

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    Does anyone know anything about planting turmeric! QpgIRFTfuFOqc-Q2RecZbgxmtr7yhuxf.jpeg
    Is it possible to grow it under a light indoors?
    I am trying to grow some more plants from these roots, planters let me know whats good please!
  2. Vinaya

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    I grow turmeric in my backyard and my turmeric produce is just enough for my early requirements even though I use turmeric daily, in my food as a natural food color and spices to add taste; as well as herb to cure various ailments.
    April is the month ofn planting turmeric and March is the harvesting month. Turmeric takes a long time to grow. Some farmers never uproot turmeric from the soil, instead, they will uproot the plant and take the required turmeric, and let the remaining turmeric grow inside the soil. However, some farmers prefer to harvest the turmeric and sow it again.
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