Un Report "disaster Risk Reduction"

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    Article about senior scientist telling that "perception, social and economic conditions play a big role in risk".

    I believe the NOAA senior scientist never read Rachael Carlson's "Silent Spring". It's been half a century since the American public was opinion-molded to "food insecurity".

    How can global trade change "who gets what" ?! Europe's CAP - Common Agricultural Policy - explains all this better than the UN GAP 19 report.

    IT IS CLEAR how different disciplines are integrated into solving a problem. It involves wealth transfers. Florida's taxpayer-backed Citizens Property Insurance Corporation covers ~ one fourth of Florida homes. This is more than any private company in Florida. Puerto Rico collapsed because of an excess of these rackets.

    Please, please, please - "it is the proximate events that actually trigger or expose our awareness of those vulnerabilities,..." --- because of the dire economic arrangements.

    ALERT: Use the utmost of prudence when a government scientist discusses "... financing for disaster risk reduction..." Team Trump is working on this - although antagonistic to policy positions of the UN.
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