Underwater Survival

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    Underwater survival is something you hope that you never have to experience. The key to underwater survival is not to panic and to have a source to breathe with. You will not be able to hold your breath for long if you are trapped under water so you will have to be vigilant and hopes that there is an exposed area that contains air such as a trapped air pocket in a vehicle or cave. Other areas of underwater survival entail avoiding being eaten by large ocean predators such as sharks. Also, you must watch out for poisonous sea snakes and deadly sea urchins as well. Even if breathing isn't the issue knowing a little bit about underwater sea life is important if you are in an underwater survival situation. Remaining calm and not panicking is essential just like in any other situation where survival comes into play. Should you happen to be in an accident and end up under water or end up in an underwater accident while snorkeling or diving you may find yourself clinging on don't delay remember to look for an air pocket and remembering to avoid deadly sea urchin and potential predators.
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